Thursday, June 22, 2023

The Non-Ethics of Supreme Court Justice Big Sammy Elite-O

Often at work I will order my Starbucks via the app and take my lunch to go to avoid the phenomenon of white people rushing forward to pay for it.  If they offer while I'm in line I kindly thank them and reply I can pay for my coffee but you could donate that couple bucks to the local township food bank.  Sometimes the whitey will get a queer look on their face as though I've denied them their daily affirmation.

But, leaving aside all the pathos of white people rushing forward to applaud and support any Man in Blue they see, the reason I do this is to avoid any ethical conundrum even if this amount seems trivial or inconsequential, history teaches us that "Breaking Bad" doesn't happen in one fell swoop but in an incremental fashion one tiny violation at a time.  Unless you're a Supreme Court "Justice", in which case, you give fuck all about ethical violations.
"As for the flight, Mr. Singer and others had already made arrangements to fly to Alaska when I was invited shortly before the event, and I was asked whether I would like to fly there in a seat that, as far as I am aware, would have otherwise been vacant. It was my understanding that this would not impose any extra cost on Mr. Singer." - Sammy Di Puzzi Elite-O justifies being plied with gifts from Billionaires 
The excellent reporting by ProPublica uncovered Federalist Society cartoonish villain Leonard Leo and Vulture Capitalist Paul Singer, a man who made his fortune by killing poor people and financial extortion of impoverished Nations, took Supreme Court "Justice" Sam Elite-O on an all expenses paid trip to Alaska in 2008.
“If you were good friends, what were you doing ruling on his case?” said Charles Geyh, an Indiana University law professor and leading expert on recusals. “And if you weren’t good friends, what were you doing accepting this?” referring to the flight on the private jet.
The good Indiana U Law Professor must be an out-of-touch Ivory Tower Professor since he doesn't know that Republicans don't give a fuck about ethical quandary's or the appearance of impropriety.  Like GinniClarence Thomas before him Sam Di Puzzi Elite-O has been enjoying the largesse of Billionaire Plutocrats company and all the trickle down benefits of having rich benefactors.  Their Own Personal Billionaires, as it were...  Like Clarence and the other Mullahs of the Supremacist Court, Sam Elite-O has no qualms of a conflict of interest, concerns of undue influence, or violations of law.  Because


Dead Fish and Vultures
Did you ever wonder why John Roberts has been leading the charge to undermine bribery laws and allow for Billionaires to engage in these types of wink-wink trips and totally not bribes?  Of course, disingenuous rightwingers will proclaim There's No "Official" Quid Pro Quo Here, Therefore it's no illegal!  Never mind that such a I do for you, you do for me need not be spoken.  These galling Plutocrats could afford to drop a cool million on private airfare, Michelin Star dinners, $1000 dollar-a-bottle cognac, private chartered deep sea fishing excursions and not bat an eye.  Never mind, that Singer actually has had cases up before the Elite-O Court.  Unless you have 1080p HD digital images of Elite-O saying 'Yes for this fishing trip I shall vote to give you whatever you want', you don't have Official Bribery.  Checkmate Libtards!  Also what about HUNTER BIDEN?

And there's a reason this story was uncovered by ProPublica and not any of the massive Media conglomerates.  So, don't expect the Corporate Media to uncover this lack of ethics.  Their job is to lovingly stenograph Republican nonsense and to sanitize rightwing perfidy.  The Media are Courtiers who treat their beloved access to Washington DC as though they are attendees to the Palace Intrigue of Versailles under Louis XIV.  This behavior by Elite-O and the other Supreme Injustices smacks of the aloof decadence of the Ancien Regime before the Revolution.

Elite-O is shit stain on the Nation.  The galling, in your face unethical behavior is indicative of what Clarence and Sammy Di Puzzi think of Americans.  GinniClarence are so contemptuous of Real Americans they pretended they were WalMart camper people while enjoying private travel to the Gal├ípagos Islands.  Big Sammy Elite-O felt smugly confident shaking his head and mouthing No at President Obama's State of the Union in 2010 after he had made a quick Salmon fishing jaunt off the coast of Alaska during the height of the 2007-2008 Republican Recession!

Meanwhile, the Crypto-Fascists Supremacist Injustice continue to undermine the United States and serve the interest of Republicans, Rightwingers, Racists, and Rich Assholes.  Did you happen to see The Elite-O Court struck down Federal protection for Waterways.  The Founding Fathers and following generations set up protection for the Waterways of the United States as "Navigable Waters" and the EPA had quantified this under the Clean Water Protection Act.  Under the EPA legislative authority they fined the Sackett's for backfilling and polluting protected Wetlands.  Well, Rich people don't believe they are subject to laws (As Sammy Elite-O and Paul Singer demonstrated) and they decided they wanted to do as they please and if there is one thing the Supremacist Court is dedicated too, it's to letting Rich People and Corporations do as they please.

So, the Clean Water Act was found to Unconstitutional in the eyes of Elite-O and his fellow untouchable, unelected zealous Supremacist Court Mullahs.  Just like with his leak of the Dobbs decision, Sammy Elite-O is shitting on the American people.  Republicans hate you.  Republicans despise regular Americans.  Republicans want to destroy the Untied States and replace it with a simulacrum of Democracy based on Patriarchy and White Supremacy. 

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