Tuesday, June 6, 2023

The only thing Republican "Whistleblowers" are blowing is smoke up your ass

Republicans have gotten so used to the compliant Corporate Media and friendly FBI helping them catapult their propaganda that they are livid no one is repeating the work James Comey did to submarine HRC a week before the 2016 election and the FTFNYT and Press the Meat did by repeating Dick Cheney's Iraq lies in 2003, by "reporting" on the Biden Bribery 1023 documents. 

Look... Republicans know this is total bullshit so none of them (besides Major Traitor Greene) is claiming this is definitive evidence what they want is for others like Christopher Wray to further the propaganda value of an "on-going" investigation.  

One of the most disreputable psyops during the 2020 election was the bullshit claim by Tara Reade that Joe Biden sexually assaulted her in 1993.  Tara Reade fled to Russia and got back together with NRA darling, convicted FSB Spy, and Russia War Criminal Maria Butina.

Tara Reade claimed in her statement she feared for her life.  And Republicans have hit upon a brilliant scheme.  See they can't produce any actual evidence against Biden, so they've claimed the FBI has a Document which purports to contain evidence of a Romanian bribery scheme, and since they can't find their so-called "whistleblowers" or it's been revealed these "whistleblowers" are naught but paid Republican operatives, Republicans say the "whistleblowers" are in fear of their life.

Why, of course, we have the Evidence.  Why, no, you can not see it.

Remember Republicans especially sexual abuser Rudy Ghouliani thought the Hunter Biden laptop would be a key piece of propaganda to undermine Joe Biden's campaign.  As an aside, I have zero faith the "laptop" is actually Hunter Biden's.  Most likely, Republican operatives were able to hack Hunter's apple cloud storage and downloaded it to a laptop, along with false images and information, which they then planted in the blind Scottish laptop repairman store.  Also, don't forget weirdo rightwing doctor Keith Ablow claimed to have a laptop too.  There is zero chain-of-custody and that's why the "laptop" has never been submitted beyond the rightwing echo chamber and Faux News breaking klaxons. 

So, similarly these so-called FBI documents will be waved about as "evidence" of Biden's guilt.  But, ancient Iowan Chuck Grassley gave away the game by saying President Biden's guilt and innocence is irrelevant and the goal is repetition repetition repetition.  The question is whether the Corporate Media, which is always willing to platform and amplify rightwing lies, will continue their history of when the Republicans say there is smoke therefore there is fire.  The smoke Republicans refer to is the smoke they blow up your ass.


The details of the farce are as dishonest as you would expect from Republican liars.  It appears the "documents" Commer, Nancy Mace, and every other Republican who is lying about this is referencing is the bullshit Ghouliani Ukraine Investigation smear attempt which got Trump impeached the first time.  But, James Commer has been so dishonest in interviews that he can't say it's Ukraine, or Romania or actually name a country because that allows for a dissection of facts, and the debunking of their lies, instead this Rightwing Fanfic has to be left nebulous because once a date or location is set (as when Republican liar Christine O'Donnell, her little lying niece Eva Murry and the dirtbag leftists tried to claim Joe Biden oogled Murry's boobs at a function in 2008), the Republicans lies fall apart.

Republicans are going to run with Biden Bribery and Whistleblowers and everything they can to derail the Nation and try to reclaim power.

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