Friday, June 23, 2023

WOKENESS sank the Sub!

Of all the galling crap conservatives barf out daily, their rush to blame everything on their current love of "Go Woke, Go Broke" is some of the worst. Ye gentle reader shall be unsurprised to learn that in the fetid corners of Twitter (ed: ha ha this is a trick, Twitter is a spherical cow and all the corners are fetid) The Quartering et al have decided

Wokeness sank the Sub.

Go Woke! Go Broke!  Repeat... repeat... repeat...  Just like CRT or BLM or Antifa, conservatives find something to blame.  But, as Woke, which conservatives can not define became their go to pejorative, Republicans successfully blamed the Silicon Valley Bank failure on "Wokeness" it was bound to happen.  I say successfully because all that matters to Republicans is getting their Rightwing drones to accept GOP lies.

It's just so, so ludicrous but conservatives long ago adopted the tactic of Pass all Blame, Take all Credit as their governing Philosophy.  They blamed President Barack Obama for the BP Deep Water Horizon catastrophe, they blamed HRC for Benghazi, the blamed Bill Clinton for 9/11, they blamed Jimmy Carter for the 2007 Republican Housing Bubble and Bank Implosion.

More recently, they blamed President Biden for Afghanistan, a thing no one has cared about since at least Pat Tillman's death in 2004 and really since the criminal invasion of Iraq in early 2003.  Ironically, Dan Crenshaw, the erstwhile "War Hero" whom conservatives turned upon when he tepidly broke with Traitor Trump and the MAGAT Horde, flaccidly tried to pin this on President Biden.

This Oceangategate disaster is directly tied to Libertarian Don't Regulate Me, Bro ethos and a natural by-product of Republicans non-stop effort to make businesses free of any and all constraints.  Republicans and their mutant libertarian off-spring like to claim no business would ever endanger their customers, why that makes no sense!  They'd lose money!  And if, some company did adopt, a murderous business model why the free market would sort that out and put them out of business sooner or later.  No need for government to get involved.

So, I hope those 5 people died quickly as the unregulated, shoddily constructed, non-maintained hull, slip-shod quality control, and laissez-faire approach to deep sea diving spectacularly and quite predictably failed. 

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