Monday, June 26, 2023

Even Tojo couldn't get rid of the Marine Corps Commandant but Tommy Tuberville sure can! Republicans hate America and have nothing to offer the American people.

Ever since USMC General Thomas Holcomb's age mandated retirement in 1943, following Commandant's of the Marine Corps have served a tour of duty of slightly less than 4 years.  On July 10th, the current Commandant David H. Berger's term will expire.  The United Senate Armed Services Committee has approved General Eric Smith to be voted upon by the entire body of the United States Senate.  Except it won't be voted on by the Senate because Tommy Tuberville is exercising an Unconstitutional hold on all Officer promotions.

I wrote, many years ago how the US Senate under Republican Perfidy operates more and more like the Medieval Polish Sejm and the infamous Golden Freedom for one man to object and stop all work of the Polish parliament. 

I didn't know anything about Football Defense
As a Republican Coward I am qualified to hold
up the Department of Defense
Well, Senator Tommy Tuberville has been doing just that with his incredible hold on the promotions of all US Officers. Tuberbrain has couched his blanket hold on promotions because he's upset that "taxpayer" dollars are being used to fund travel for serivcemembers seeking abortions.  

“What’s happened is since Roe v. Wade went back to states like it should have, they’re trying to use taxpayer dollars any way they can to fund travel and time off for service members to get abortions without any restrictions." 

There is so much to unpack in this bullshit rationale.  Besides the logical conclusion since the military pay, housing, and medical care is "tax-payer" funded Tuberville's bullshit would mean no abortions.  This is really one of the ramps the Supremacist Court created with their Hobby Lobby Sincere Religious ruling creating the ability for an employers' religious beliefs being a "legal reason" to restrict what an employee can do with their earnings and how a business owner could thus insert themselves into a person's medical care.  Tuberville also wrote his blanket holds are a way to fight back against "Wokeness"

“Wokeness in the military is being imposed by elected and appointed leaders in the White House, Congress, and the Pentagon who have little understanding of the purpose, character, traditions, and requirements of the institution they are trying to change.”

Never forget "Wokeness" is a purposefully undefinable term Republicans use to attack Americans and to continue their quest to destroy the American Dream and reshackle the American people into Wage Slavery and perpetual Corporate Bondage. 

In some regard, Tuberbrain's plan to destroy the Military in order to save it, is standard operating procedure for Republicans going back decades.  Understand Republicans hate America and have always considered people exercising their rights and freedoms as a detriment to Republican Rule.

Republicans and Rightwingers long ago conferred upon themselves the absolute right to speak about Military matters as though they were the Ultimate Authority on the matters.  Tuberville is no different from thousands of rear-echelon, never-served, cowards, warmongers, and chickenhawk Republican motherfuckers spouting off about Veterans and active duty Service Members.  Here for instance are two rightwing warmongers, Laura Ingraham and Horace Cooper who've never served, never had a family member involved in the Republican GWoT, speaking as if they have a valuable insight on the Untied States, 

"We’d better all start learning Mandarin pretty quickly, because the greatest fighting force on earth may not continue to be the American military. If these wokesters continue to get their way, they are promoting racism. This is 21st-century-style racism, but it operates a lot like early 20th century racism. It has just changed who the person is who is being targeted. What we need is a focus on a winning strategy.  I need our military, and our people need our military, to not just be the greatest fighting force on the planet.  A woke fighting force is a joke fighting force."

Horace Cooper, is a convicted criminal and was a champion warmonger for the disastrous Republican Wars in Afghanistan and Iraq, but he has of course his own deep-seated pathos which I won't delve into other than to pity him.  But, this does highlight the 50 year obsession with listening to a rightwinger give his opinion on the military as though it's natural for any conservative.

With the Corporate Media's help Republicans have long been given undue credit and authority* when it comes to the Military.  The Cold War and US proxy wars against Communism had the overarching effect of making the Military a hard right institution.  The failure and crimes of Vietnam turned "The Left" completely away the military as a career and left the upper levels of command in the hands of Republicans and Reactionaries.  That infamous chickenhawk and chickenshit Ronnie Raygun recognized this and while he never had the courage or fortitude to serve when he was younger, as President he loved to play-act and invented the whole Command-in-Chief salute.  This, you recall was a one of the dastardly Black Muslim things President Obama wouldn't do which had all rightwing chickenhawk bloggers up-in-arms.

Republicans hate you and they hate America.  What Republicans love is the power, influence, and money they get from using the Military as a cudgel to bash the left.  But, the 21st century is a different era than Post-Vietnam America.  The US military has a high concentration of minorities, is overwhelmingly liberal, and in 2020 voted for President Joe Biden.  This infuriates Republicans.

The Republican Party has nothing to offer the American people.  Not even the old pablum of Bread and Circuses.  The Republican Party is a fully-fascist operation now and as they continue to lose elections and overall popular support their tactics will continue to delve into violence and madness.

*- This link to National Review interview of Larry Schweikart from 2006 and his ridiculous book is such an illuminating look back at the mid-2000's Rightwing Rah-Rah Militarism and highlights the lessons the Right learned from Vietnam.  Steal the mantle of Patriotism. Cloak yourself in the Flag and Bash the Left.  Bash the Left.  Bash the Left.

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