Tuesday, May 23, 2023

Rightwingers have purposefully undermined your ability to properly detect threats often so Republicans can abuse children and women

A huge report on the decades long, multi-layered criminal conspiracy of Catholic Priest in Illinois preying upon and abusing children was released today.

One of the things Republicans have done in their Quest to destroy the United States of America is confuse people.  Chaos and confusion serves Republican interests.

  • Chickenhawk draft dodging warmongers get to brand themselves Uber-Patriots
  • Criminal domestic terrorists literally attacking Police and attempting to subvert the US Government and Constitution can declare they Back the Blue, stand for Law&Order, and love America.
  • And Republicans have been able to shield their stable of child predators by shifting blame onto the Queer community and those who don't conform to their rigid White Surpemacist Patriarchy.
For instance, Long Hair on men used to make you an immediate target for harassment, bullying, and open violence.  Remember when draft dodging Mitt R-Money and his school chums held a boy down and forcibly cut his hair?  “He can’t look like that. That’s wrong. Just look at him!” an incensed Romney told Matthew Friedemann.  Republicans long ago declared they are the arbiters of Society and they get to make you conform.

Understand all Republicans are rapists in mind and often in deed.  You only recall the most egregious Republican predators; Donald Trump, Dennis Hastert for instance.  There are literally thousands of Republican men preying upon women and children.  Republicans do not abide by consent or consider themselves bound to respect women's choices.  

This is the essence of the Republican war on Women, the LGBTQ+ community, and "Wokeism".  The so-called Culture Wars are naught but a rebranding of the White Patriarchy which Republicans are pushing to re-establish in America. 

But they've done a fantastic job at propaganda and convinced Normie society that the outliers, the weirdoes, the boys with long hair & the girls with blue hair, are the threats to them and their children, instead of properly identifying the people who prey upon them, abuse them, and murder them:  Republicans. 

The American society Republicans seek to create and are forcing through in State Houses and through podunk bigoted Judges is a society with clearly delineated lines of Predator & Prey.  And right now the Prey are LGBTQ+ persons and Teachers but, as Fascists always do that list of prey will expand until it encircles you. 

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