Sunday, May 7, 2023

Shall Not Be Infringed 8: Republicans love when children are shot to pieces and if you survive a mass shooting Republicans will enjoy enslaving you

More Guns is always the Answer.

The questions don't even matter anymore. 

The facts have never mattered.

The truth the Ultimate Truth is Republicans love when people are shot to death.

You know what they will say: Mental illness! Black-on-Black crime! Chicago! Good Guys with Guns!

And you know what they'll do: Nothing.

Thoughts & Prayers. Empty & Hollow. Republicans offer them up because they are substanceless.

Vanessa Brito and many others have pointed out Ted Cruz, when he isn't plotting to overthrow the United States government or plotting his latest Cancun vacation while his constituents languish, will Ctrl+C Ctrl+V his same Heidi and I are praying... tweet he always tweets after every Mass Shooting. 

And to,all the people who immediately rush to their phones to tweet, 

Big Red X This is Fake

it's not the gotcha you think it is.

It's akin to the NRA gun humpers and Republican gun lobbyists who dismiss every nuanced 10,000 word article about gun violence and the mass proliferation of firearms in America by stating you mislabeled a pistol grip with a regular stock your post is Invalid.

Stop giving bad faith arguments credence. Stop allowing the firearms industry the framing of gun violence in America. Stop letting worthless   Thoughts & Prayers from treasonous scumbuckets like Ted Cruz or Marge Greene or whomever be the narrative. 

The Truth is Republicans love gun violence in America.   They love when people are shot to pieces.  They won't do anything to minimize this, let alone stop it.  Gun Violence is how Republicans plan to topple the United States and create a Neo-Confederate white supremacist Nation.


Texas Republican Keith Self, who represents the NRA in Allen, Texas was asked about this latest mass shooting:

"Now, you know, congressman, that is a common refrain after these incidents, after mass shootings, but many people argue that prayers aren't cutting it, prayers are not preventing the next mass shooting. What is your response to that criticism?" Paula Reid asked.

Keith Self, expressed, his desire to see more people shot to pieces for Christ's holey message,

"Well, those are people that don't believe in an almighty God who, who has, who is absolutely in control of our lives..."

Meanwhile, Megyn White Santa Kelly's twitter is a cesspool of conservatives yearning, begging to get the go ahead to use all their guns they've stockpiled to murder the libs.

Also if you read White Power Megyn's screed the argument isn't that gun control wouldn't solve these mass shootings; its instead two-fold, 1) there are 400,000,000 guns cats outta the bag suck on this libtards and 2) we won the bureaucratic battle of stacking the Courts with psychos who rule our way. 


We have to stop using the euphemisms the right has adopted vis-a-vis guns, i.e. stopping tyranny, self-defense. Rightwingers want and have steadily won the Legal "Right" and Supremacist Court Imprimatur to murder whomever they wish.  And as The Right steadily loses elections and cultural issues they see that Legal Right extending towards Civil War and the "Right" to overthrow the US government. 

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