Wednesday, May 10, 2023

Shall Not Be Infringed 9: Stand Your Ground, the motto of the RWDS

“Do you think we’re going to hurt you? We would never hurt you. I would use my firearm to defend you. Just to be clear,” Rep. Anna Paulina Luna (R-Fla.). argues she is not a threat.   Just.. to... be... clear... 

Anna P. Luna is a psychotic liar whose only redeeming feature is there happen to be even more psychotic Republican Liars such as Major Traitor Greene, "George Santos" and Dick Exposer L. Boebert in Congress.

The nice reporters at NPR had a story about Stand Your Ground Laws.  They interviewed researchers.  Presented facts.  Complied data.  And presented it in that low gentle soft voice NPR is known for.

They still don't understand.
 No reasoned argument will ever convince the Republican Gun Nuts to pull back.  NPR and so many others still want to believe the proper mix of facts and speech is the magic this one-weird trick which will reveal the truth to Republicans but, they don't realize that Republicans no longer cynically endorse guns and the Firearms Industry to get votes.  Republicans have been stewing in rightwing Moron Labe Tyranny for so long this is who they are now;  Fascists.

Guns are Power.  Gun Fetishization is Power.  Gun usage is Power.  Republicans love Guns.  
Rightwing Lone Wolves
are Domestic Terrorists to Us
and Heroes to Republicans

Not, to put a bummer on this gorgeous Spring Day but, Republicans are already engaged in a low-level Civil War against Us.

By flooding the Nation with 400,000,000 firearms and undercutting local, State, and Federal Gun laws and restrictions the Gun Humping Maniacs, Republicans, the NRA, and firearms manufacturing industry have turned the Nation and 2nd Amendment into a Murder-Suicide Pact.  But, that's not the end goal.  

The end goal is an armed Coup begun by tip of the spear Rightwing Paramilitary domestic terrorists and then 
slowly but inexorably pulling in sympathetic Law Enforcement and Military to enforcing their Putsch.  Always remember rightwingers don't expect to defeat the military or National Guard in open conflict, they expect them to coalesce around them and help them neutralize or eliminate those military members of law enforcement personnel who don't.

Republicans have normalized the talk of overthrowing the government and unfitted access to all manner of weaponry to make Americans comfortable with it because on their next Jan6th (which Just to be Clear the Republican Party has come to defend and endorse) they plan to use guns early and often. 

This was always the point of the so-called "Stand Your Ground" Laws.  Coupled with this has been to enshrine subjective fear for my life court rulings.  Thus, everyone can claim to be "afraid for their lives" and ipso facto claim self-defense.  Obviously, this doesn't always work in every court case but, it's a starting point and make prosecution of these murders difficult.  As we saw Kenosha Killer Kyle Rittenhouse specifically went to Wisconsin to carry a gun and shoot people and then he did just that.  But, during his ridiculous hearing he was allowed to blubber on stand about his fears despite inserting himself into the situation with an AR-15.

Anxious to emulate, Kenosha Killer Kyle, in Texas Daniel Kelly posted multiple times on multiple social media platforms his desire to shoot and murder protesters.  After his trial and guilty conviction based on overwhelming evidence, rightwing propagandists revved up their Wurlitzers of lies to claim Perry's murder of Garrett Foster was "justified self-defense".  Fvcker Carlson did multiple segments on it and Texas Governor Greg Abbott swiftly declared his plan to get a pardon for convicted killer Perry.

“Texas has one of the strongest ‘Stand Your Ground’ laws of self-defense that cannot be nullified by a jury or a progressive District Attorney.  I look forward to approving the Board’s pardon recommendation as soon as it hits my desk.” 

Always remember the unequal application of laws is a key component of Fascism.  Fortunately, Texas constrains its' governors so Abbott can not unilaterally override the murder conviction.

Meanwhile, rightwing terrorists in Texas continue to exact a toll on the populace.  Mauricio Garcia, the "RWDS" Killer in Allen, Texas was regular on message boards posting the Republican message of Stochastic Terrorism, i.e. low level violence and "random" massacre which are nearly impossible to specifically predict but, an absolute certainty to happen somewhere in the United States.

But, a key component is to make all the white people deathly afraid of the blacks, this is why Faux News and Rightwing media are constantly harping on "Knock-Out Games" or "Black-on-Black" crime and spreading videos of young blacks "wilding".  

David Doyle, heard a noise and saw shadows outside his home so...blam blam blam, he started blasting hitting her in the head, though she apparently survived.

The Subway Strangler Daniel Penny who executed a homeless black man is a Hero and being lauded on-line and on regular Fox News programs.

The more Republicans hear about the Discord leaker Jack Teixeira the more they love him, as it turns out Teixeira fantasized about a mass shooting at his school, was overheard by multiple classmates speaking about Molotov cocktails and which rifle was best to use from the back of a pickup.  Teixeira's background was so egregious, the local PD requested the State deny him a firearms owners card.  Major Traitor Greene's darling Teixeira had an arsenal at his home as well.

I think besides NPR, many people in this country don't want to acknowledge what's happening.  I don't blame them.  It's hard to reconcile what we want to believe to what is actually happening.  The Republican Party is a fully fascist organization which does not believe any elected Democrat is legitimate, that the media, education, woke corporations and others are unlawfully restricting their "Natural Rights", stealing elections, stabbing them in the back, and ramming Tyranny down their throats.

All this adds up to the questions more and more conservatives are asking openly, "When do we get to use the guns?"  And as we are seeing more and more conservatives are answering that question with "Right Now."

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