Monday, May 22, 2023

Fox News and the entire Republican Party treat Veterans like Toilet Paper

I became aware of this lie while watching the channel of Brian Tyler Cohen and he sums up the Republican perfidy succinctly.

Who cares if it's not true!
It's what conservatives want to hear!

I don't think I've ever seen a more casually despicable and off-handedly shameless piece of agitprop in a long time.  This isn't just a lie, it was an outright fraud, an outright conspiracy in which Republican agent provocateurs appear to have picked homeless men off the street and instructed them to pretend to be Veterans and then concocted a tale of them being kicked out of hotel to make room for Joe Biden's Illegal Immigrants.

I think I'm not being clear enough.  Republicans in New York pulled a George Santos knowing this MASSIVE FRAUD would be picked up Nationally, rebroadcast and generate a lot of Rightwing Outrage and engagement.

MediaMatters as usual has an extensive summation of the hundreds of lies Republicans and Faux News perpetrated because they know, THEY ABSOLUTELY KNOW, conservatives will believe this story no matter how many times in is debunked.  Homeless Veterans kicked out for Illegal Immigrants stimulates the Fear&Anger response conservatives crave.

Republicans breathlessly rushed to get in their condemnations of this, they dusted off their oratory skills to pretend to be Mark Anthony in Shakespeare's Julius Caeser to denounce this shocking mistreatment of America's Heroes while giving those people, those Non-Citizens, those criminals, those Illegals preferential treatment.  Of course, of fucking course, Faux News ran despicable segment after segment after segment of how America's Heroes, Our Best & Brightest, Those to Whom We Owe so so much, were mistreated by Joe while also lighting up the pleasure centers of the rightwing brain by pumping the Border Crisis lie and Racism against anyone from Mexico, Central America, and South America.

This made up story is the Pure Dope to the rightwing Wurlitzer of lies and propaganda.  This is beyond low.  This is beyond deplorable.  I am beyond incensed.  

We've always known that Republicans treat Veterans and Service members like dog shit and little Risk tokens, flinging us about and using us to advance the mean rightwing agenda of oppression and intolerance.

Republicans don't give a shit about the unhoused community.  Republicans don't give a rat's hind tit about homeless people.  Republicans especially don't fucking care about Homeless Veterans.  Republicans use people and Republicans shit all over the Nation, the Flag, the American people.


Rightwingers have lived for decades on the lie that they are the Party of Veterans, that they are the Party of Law & Order.  And it's absolute bullshit.  Republicans haven't been the Party of the Military for 40 fucking years.  Most of the enlisted who served during the Phony GWoT, that Republican warmongering adventure, pushed by Faux News and the entire Republican media apparatus are liberal or left in viewpoint.  This was demonstrated conclusively by the 2020 election in which the Military (writ large) voted for Joe Biden conclusively over Traitor Trump.

Coked Out Chickenhawk Coward
speaks for all Veterans
The undeniable fact that Veterans and Service Members voted for Joe Biden really makes MAGA mad.  This is why MAGA crafted the large overarching narrative of a rigged and stolen election, they still believe (or affect to believe) that they are the large silent majority and represent the American people and values of the United States.  And they don't.  They... Don't... and this dissonance is leading us to were we are currently and were we are going in the next couple of years.

Fascism is here and the violent death throes of recalcitrant rightwing villains will follow.


As always HRC was far too kind when she called half of Republicans a basket of deplorable, because every Republican is straight trash.  Unredeemable garbage people.  And that a Party of chickenhawk cowards and warmongering draft dodgers feels absolutely free to bandy about Veterans as though We belong to them is just the cherry on top of the galling shit sundae. 

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