Thursday, May 18, 2023

Illinois: Land of Abortion

I would enjoy if the official moniker for Illinois was changed from Land of Lincoln to Land of Abortion and if the familiar abstract profile of President Lincoln became something else... But, that would shock and outrage the sensibilities!  This is because for a long, long time Abortion has been treated as a dirty secret, a moral outrage if not outright criminal in nature.  And it isn't.  Abortion is Healthcare.

The "Pro-Life" Movement is going to result in Quiverfulls of dead humans. Everyone knows the Anti-Reproductive rights and freedom movement which adopted the moniker "pro-life" has zero regard for mothers, children, or fetuses.  What they care about is dictating and controlling Women.

The Forced Birther Movement has claimed for years to be the Silent Majority but, when put to the voters by referendum, abortion bans always fail, as they did in Kansas or Michigan.  The American people don't want reproductive rights curtailed.  They don't want the restrictive religious laws imposed on them.  They don't want what Sam Alito is selling.  They don't want the Anti-Choice agenda.  Which is precisely why Republicans are forcing it upon them.

So, Illinois stands out as a state with Reproductive freedom and bulwark against the rapacious zealotry of bigoted Republican slavery.  And now the Illinois legislature has passed measure to stop the deceitful anti-abortion facilities from deceiving people seeking healthcare at a proper clinic.  The bill which passed the Illinois Legislature and will soon be signed by Governor J.B. Pritzker amends the Consumer Fraud and Deceptive Business Practices Act, which currently does not include health care professionals. It would apply the existing language to the abortion industry.

“This is literally giving and clarifying the authority of the attorney general in order to prosecute these cases where people are using misleading and deceptive practices in order to take women away from being able to actually get the abortion care that they are looking for,” State Senator Celina Villanueva.

Because we did not get to this point overnight.  The Republicans agenda of oppression and control of Women has been a long slow slog since 1973 and Roe.  And they never resigned themselves to settled law but chipped at the edges and crafted programs to undermine freedom all along the way.

One of those methods was the Pregnancy Crisis Center (aka "limited practice facilities") and its' workers; who falsely advertise services on websites.  This tactic is now no longer needed in a some states which have simply pushed through draconian anti-Abortion legislation but, in Illinois it's the prime method for curtailing women that rightwingers still possess.

"The attack on sidewalk counseling - actually trying to regulate the speech of people standing on a public sidewalk advocating against abortion - that is unique.  Here you have a real attempt to stop citizens from expressing themselves on a public sidewalk as they see fit."

"Sidewalk Counseling" is a hell of euphemism for shouting burn in hell slut and threatening to murder women who are going to an abortion clinic.  Of course, what these people also do is more nefarious as they often flag people down and pretend to be from the abortion clinic ask for the driver's license, and direct the person seeking care towards the anti-abortion clinic as though this is the real location for their appointment.

"There is nothing in this bill that limits speech, nothing at all,” lead bill sponsor Rep. Terra Costa Howard, D-Glen Ellyn, said while debating the bill. “‘Cause if you’re not lying, what do you have to worry about?”

What Peter Breen of the Thomas More Dead Women Society is arguing in his blinkered disingenuous way, that he and others of his ilk have a 1st Amendment right to lie and defraud people i.e express themselves as they see fit.  Because remember what evangelicals like Breen and so many others believe is their dishonesty is noble, as lying for Jesus washes away all crimes.

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