Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Republicans Are Everything They Say They Hate

I don't need your civil war
It feeds the rich while it buries the poor
~ Guns N' Roses, Civil War
The Republican Party talks a big game about being the Moral, America Defending Free Market Capitalists but it's a huge put on to win votes. Republicans are Immoral, Chicken Hawk, Big Government, Corporate Socialists... Republicans have embraced everything they say they are against.

And many Americans continue to vote for and support the Republican Party who have whipped them into a state of uncivil discourse and use their displaced rage. Of course, some of those people call themselves Conservatives or Anarcho-Libertarian Free Staters but if you voted for Bush and Cheney and consistently tell yourself 'I have to vote for the Republican to cancel out that Loony Left Coast Liberals America Hating Vote' then you are a Republican.

The Republican Party doesn't care why you vote for them just as long as you do. In order to win your vote, they will lie about any and everything. They will claim superior morality, fervent religiosity, hyper patriotism, and Big Brass War Gonads. They claim to have all those attributes even when it's been shown they lack them.

The Republicans claimed to be the Super-Patriots who won World War III over the Soviet Union under President Reagan. So, let us suppose a person born in the Soviet Union denounced Ronald Reagan as a "massive fraud" unfit for command and then declared any who disagreed with that assessment to be Traitors. A Soviet! A Commie, A foot soldier of Nikita Kruschev denouncing the President and what does the Republican Party do? It's as if Republican Jean Schmidt is in bed with Soviet Leader Leonid Brezhnev in their criticism of an American President as Schmidt secretly whispers in the ears of her rabid supporters she agrees with Commies and is against the President of the United States. Jean Schmidt and the Republican Party are Commie Lovers!

The Republicans have enshrined a Soviet, Orly Taitz, as the Speaker of the Holy Word! A Soviet! The Republicans the Party of Ronald Reagan, Defeater of the Evil Empire are now in league with a Soviet woman who was formally rebuked and chastised by an American Judge.

The Strongest Pro War Proponents in the Republican Party are without a doubt the ones who had no intention of serving in the military themselves. When it came to fighting overseas and the prospect of strapping on, being shipped overseas and putting rounds down range Chicken Hawk Republicans have time after time shown they would rather not "Defend America" and let someone else fight.

Republican criminal Tom DeLay complained 'ethnic minorities had already filled all the slots' when he tried to enlist for Vietnam. Dick Cheney received 6 deferments from service during Vietnam, he had other priorities. Dick Cheney who gave interviews in 1994, when Bill Clinton was President, saying a long occupation of Baghdad and Iraq was a bad idea and not worth the casualties then belittled the Democrats for not defending America from Iraq during the 1990's. (Watch the video below).

The Republican Party is the Party of Superior Morality. Just ask any Republican. High Ranking members of the moral Republican Party denounced and Impeached Bill Clinton a Democrat. While the impeachment of Bill Clinton was occurring Leading Republican Speaker of the House Newt Gingrich was busy leaving his dying MS stricken wife for a new woman, who would become his third wife. This wasn't a new move by Gingrich who became an adulterer back in the 1970's and continued his entire time in Washington DC.

First term Republican Senator David Vitter, fresh from the backwaters of Louisiana, apparently brought too much country gentry with him when he entered the swamp of Washington DC because as soon as he got to the big city he began frequenting the type of "fast" women I'm sure his mother warned him about and his Campaign manager assured his deluded voters he was staunchly against.

Republican John Ensign who voted to impeach Clinton, cheated on his wife with a married woman who worked on his campaign and then tried to buy her silence by offering a hush money payoff.

The rabid infidelity of the Republican Party could then possibly be attributed to the morass of loose women available in Washington DC but...

On Father's Day Republican Governor Mark Sanford hiked the AT (Appalachian Trail)... in Argentina with a tan lined beauty. Of course, the AT isn't in Argentina and the beauty wasn't the mother of his children or his wife.

Disgusting Republican Mark Foley hit on underage pages. That is Male underage pages.

Republican Senator Larry Craig propositioned a male Police Officer in a bathroom at the Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport.

Bush and The Republican Party voted to expand Medicare, a purely Socialist Enterprise, while they controlled the Presidency and the Congress. Now that Obama is seeking to Reform Helath Care they are waving the Bloody Red shirt of Socialism in front of their enraged supporters. But, don't expect the Republicans in Government to decline their Socialized Health Care, the access to is the only reason Dick Cheney is still alive, because if he did not have Socialized Medicine Dick Cheney would be dead, after having been denied all Health Care coverage for having a pre-existing heart condition. Of course, Republicans wouldn't dare vote against Medicare because then the old people who have been duped their entire lives into supporting the evil Republican Party would see the party cares more for profit than people.

The Free Market is the Great Equalizer say the Republicans. Without US Government interference the prices for everything in the US would be lower. Now this is a tricky one for me because I am for protecting American Companies from overseas ones but what the Republican Party is fighting to do, using the power of Government, is to protect the profits of those companies. The Republican Party fights against the individuals who actually work for these companies. This is why the Republicans will fight to keep drugs from American Companies the only legal ones, they charge higher prices than in Canada for the chemically same drug. This is why the Republican Party fought against the American Auto Workers and for the Foreign owned Auto Companies in Alabama, the workers are not allowed to unionize. The Republicans even support Foreign Companies over American workers.

Keeping Americans wages down is a by product of the number overarching one goal of the Republican Party supporting Corporate profits over people. This is why the Republican Party supports companies like Wal*Mart in shipping manufacturing jobs overseas where labor prices and practices are still inhumane. Republicans love it when people are worked to death for Corporate Profits.

This is why they ignored the southern border and allowed millions of illegal immigrants to stream into the US from Mexico and Central America. Those illegal immigrants can't vote against the Republicans but they sure can undercut wages for American workers and steal American jobs. When was the last time you saw a non-Hispanic working for a Lawn Maintenance Company?

So, the Republicans know all they have to do is tell you they hate Socialism, love morality and will protect America and you'll vote for them, even when they openly work against everything they claim the support...

Do I need to add in the section on Republican Party claims of Fiscal Responsibilty and Bush and Republican Spending Sprees? The $5 Trillion USC for War, the Bank Bailout, the 2007-2008 Crash which destroyed the last 10-15 years worth of Wealth gained by the American people?


TRUTH 101 said...

I've been harping this line since 2006 Grung-E-Gene. I freely admit you said it better than I ever did. Well done Brother!

TAO said...

Its officially called self loathing....