Friday, September 4, 2009

Health Care Party Platform or C'est La Vie

The Republican Party platform can succinctly be defined as We Care More For Our Possessions than You People.

They can't hide their hatred for the Poor and Middle Class. It's not even hidden in their claims about Health Care Reform, to wit Democrats are trying to Destroy the Best Health Care System in the World. The System is Sacrosanct and Supreme if a few 47 million people fall through the cracks well C'est la Vie...

Americans and those trained by American Medical and Nursing Schools are without a doubt the brightest, best trained and hardest working practitioners in the world. That's the People.

The System? The System which gouges you, which bankrupted GM and which is consuming more and more of every Americans paycheck is a fucked up morass of drug dealers, paper pushers and lobbyists who are merely a small cog in the machine or work to keep the big picture from being understood by Americans and want to wring as much money as possible out of the pain and suffering of the American people.

Now why would the Anti-People Pro Human Pain and Suffering Republican Party (and Insurance pocketed Democrats) want to change the system? They don't because the money being made is more important than the people being mistreated.

For instance, read about Betsy McCaughley who jumped back into prominence with lies, false declarations and incorrect statements about Obama's attempt at Health Care Reform.

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