Saturday, July 30, 2022

The Fascists Next Door: Indiana Abuser General Todd Rokita

As with the old Hemingway aphorism about Bankruptcy, future quips about how the United States became a tyrannical fascist theocracy will note, Gradually at first, and then All at Once.

Indiana Abuser General Pinochet T. Rokita
Attorney General Todd Rokita is on a mission to indict Dr. Caitlin Bernard for the unforgivable crime of being a woman, a physician, an unapologetic defender of women's health.  Rokita is engaging in an outrageous Abuse of Power and Authority which started with him outright lying about Doctor Bernard and presenting false testimony on Jesse Watters outrageous bigoted racist Faux TV show.

So because of this Abuser General Rokita will use the full might and resources of the State to destroy her.  He's begun an inquisition and he will not let truth or the the law get in the way of "gathering the evidence as we speak and we're going to fight this to the end."  Abuser General Rokita will not stop until he finds something to charge Doctor Bernard.

Rokita's actions are not accidental it's part of the Republican agenda of intimidation and abuse of authority they always engage in to make people acquiesce, give in, and obey preemptively.  Fascism often succeeds because regular people obey instead of standing up against them.

Never forget conservatives who claim to fear, distrust, and oppose the awesome power of government fucking relish and yearn to use that power to kill and incarcerate the Non-MAGA.  "It's" not coming... "It's" here already.

What Rokita's doing isn't just unconscionable its illegal as well. But laws don't constrain conservatives. The law is what they say it is and conservatives unequally apply it purposefully. The Unequal application of laws is Fascism. Plain and simple.

And now 26 members of the Indiana Senate have voted for a near total ban on abortions.  Get ready for border checkpoints to be erected on I-80 as you cross into Indiana.  Expect truck weigh stations to be transformed into mandatory vaginal inspection stations.  Fascism will come gradually and then all at once...

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