Saturday, July 9, 2022

Russian Ron Johnson is a Traitor and a big fan of Bobby Crimo's Mass Shooting


Moscow Johnson spent 07/04/18 partying with Vlad Putin for overthrowing the 2016 Election
Moscow Johnson spent 01/06/21 planning to Overthrow the 2020 Election 
Moscow Johnson spent 07/05/22 downplaying Bobby Crimo's Highland Park shooting and gun violence in America which Ron Johnson loves.

In 2018 Russian Ron and 7 Republicans partied with Putin just a few years before Russia invaded Ukraine. Besides being lips deep in the Trump-Cruz-Hawley--Greene-Jordan-Boebert Conspiracy to defraud the American people and being personally tasked with handing Traitor Pence an envelope of fraudulent Electors on Jan 6th, Russian Ron is trying to win another term in the US Senate where he will continue to subvert the will of the American People and champion mass shootings and the destruction of the United States government from within.
"Ron Johnson actively tried to undermine this democracy. He literally tried to hand Mike Pence fake ballots. Once again, Ron Johnson has proven he’s a danger to our country and our fundamental rights,” Wisconsin Lt. Gov. Mandela Barnes said in a statement."
Right after the Highland Park mass shooting by rabid Trump fan Bobby Crimo, who had previously discussed mass murder with his drunk Rightwing Trump loving father, Russian Ron scrambled to have his July 6th radio ads downplaying gun violence from the airwaves.  Highland Park is just 20 miles from the Wisconsin border.  Now treasonous Moscow Johnson didn't care about the death, violence, and destruction his anti-gun control policies have wrought but, was worried about the optics.  You see like all Republicans Russian Ron loves unrestricted gun violence and sabotaged any and all efforts to limit gun violence.

If Moscow Johnson wins again, it will really demonstrate the total control Republicans have on their voters.  Republicans like Russian Ron fucking love gun violence and murder and do everything in their considerable political power to thwart effective gun control and actively work against the diminution of dangers to the people.

Ron Putin Loving Johnson wants 6 more years to spread more divisiveness and damage the Republic and come 2025 after Trump loses the popular vote for a 3rd time, Russian Ron will be jumping to the front of the line to steal the election.

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