Sunday, July 17, 2022

The Revenge of the Thin Blue Line 25: Phony Fainting from Fentanyl finds familiar Fox News fibbers flogging falsehoods

Renee Parsons' body "went completely numb" from 
touching a fentanyl dollar
.  As a conservative
Renee's numb from the neck up already.
One of the best old time YouTube videos I've ever seen was this Let the Bodies Hit the Floor mocking of Benny Hinn and his faith healing con.  The ridiculous undulations of people supposed infused with the Holy Spirit coupled with the pilfering of the wallets should have been the tell.  It's absolutely clear the people are either play acting as they writhe upon the ground or go flying backwards as though they've been hit by a Benny Hinn Hadouken or they are in on the con.

Nowadays, Police Officers soooo misunderstood and mistreated by the society they ostensibly Protect & Serve, want to get on the racket; hence the ridiculous play acting and panic attacks Officers are engaging in after they supposedly touch a scintilla of Fentanyl.

Fentanyl has been around for 50 years and lacing heroin with it is not new either, but has been going on for a couple decades at least.  But, in the last couple of years Police Officers have taken to proclaiming they have been overdosing and almost dying from casual contact with suspect fentanyl.  

According to reporting by Peter Andrey Smith of The Washington Post in 2021, 

By my count, more than 200 police officers, first responders, nurses and guards at correctional institutions have claimed to have suffered adverse reactions based on incidental contact with fentanyl. (Other researchers put the total number of such reports even higher.) 

What the fuck is going on?  Well, the most likely explanations are deliberate lying or suffering from a folie à plusiers (a shared mass psychotic disorder).  The deliberate fakery could come from any number of reasons; for instance malingering which wasn't just invented for military members who deliberately shirk their duty, or a desire to convince people of the "real" dangers facing police officers, and a psychological need/desire to be lauded for your sacrifice.

I think a lot of this goes back to the demonization of certain out groups of people.  Fentanyl right now is associated with "bad people" i.e. illicit drug users and sellers and Cops are the "good guys" and you always need to update the reasons for the War on Drugs and et voila now we have another reason to throw those people in jail.  And make no mistake all of this is target to get white people back in line with puritanical hatred of drugs.

Drugs are the greatest invention/discovery for mankind.  Misuse of drugs is a problem but, it's a problem which needs to be treated medically.  Indeed this is the only way to effectively, safely, and humanely deal with drug addiction.  But, not in America!  No in America you go to jail for using drugs.

You see for a while now, during the Opioid epidemic, white people's trained fear and hatred for the "criminal" drug using community (hippies and blacks) has been waning as families across the USA suffer the effects of drug addiction and thus have garnered some empathy for other people.  Conservative and Republican leaders can not allow such tolerance and empathy to take hold.  Imagine if Americans declared no more sending people to prison for drug addiction!

Because there is HUGE Money to be made from jailing people.  Now, I'm not claiming these lying Officers are involved in a massive conspiracy to benefit the Prison Industrial Complex intentionally but, they sure as fuck are helping it and affording lying white rightwingers the opportunity to go onto Faux News to declare white liars to claim fentanyl overdosing from touching a dirty drug users dollar almost killed her and required her husband to have to drive 100mph to get overdose treatment.  Utter bullshit.  Rightwing dangers of drugs agitprop.  And all because Copaganda and the lying Thin Blue Line which buttresses such bullshit.

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