Sunday, July 24, 2022

Understanding the power of Patriarchy, Sarah Polley's Run Towards the Danger

"I do trust women enough to control when they allow a man to ejaculate inside of them and to control that intake of semen." Patriarchy Bootlicker Karianne Lisbonbee (Utah Republican ); Todd Akin's Legitimate Rape only applies to women who are killed by their attackers, these days to Rape-publicans there is no such thing as sexual assaults; if you're still alive then you encouraged and enjoyed it.

In Sarah Polley's autobiography, Run Towards the Danger she lays out the horrific sexual assault she suffered at age 16 at the hands of Jian Ghomeshi.

Sexual Assault is a hole in the criminal justice system.  I don't mean loophole but, the very nature of the criminal justice system (from beginning to end) puts the woman or women on trial because they are the only ones willing to talk therefore their claims are the ones put under, often brutal, examination.  Polley also talks about how she received a lot of advice not to come forward because women find themselves destroyed for coming forward.

Now, the right to not be compelled to speak or testify against oneself when accused is an important protection necessary to keep this Nation or any Democracy from sliding into authoritarianism.  Of course, it is a right which really doesn't matter for people in the lower economic conditions or minorities.  In their case, the Court system is designed and implemented to railroad them through as quickly as possible so other minorities or economically disadvantaged people can also be railroaded.  

The fact the same people who say you can not trust the government absolutely and totally accept every Police report of every extrajudicial killing of a black person, without fail, undermines their so-called distrust of authority.

The same people who wear Daddy rules for dating my daughter t-shirts or loved Brian Kemp pointing a shotgun at his daughter's boyfriend invariably and always say that bitch is lying when a man is accused of rape or faces several accusations.

Matt Gaetz the prototypical child raping drunk driving 
traitorous fat face of white male privilege and patriarchy
The same people who say we need guns everywhere for self-defense say women are liars about most men being sexual predators and will always defend men charged with Rape or sexual abuse (provided they are the right sort of men like Roy Moore, child sex trafficker Matt Gaetz, or Donald Trump i.e. full-throated defenders of rightwing ideology).

The same people who declare the world is dangerous and full of wolves, sheep, and sheep dogs declare the rape of a 10 year old was 100% a leftist hoax and make those claims openly and defiantly on Faux News.

The same people who claim to want to defend the children absolutely adore Lauren Boebert even as she writes about her husband cornering a group of little girls and exposing his dick to them.  Lauren Boebert defended her dick flashing husband, in her book, by claiming the little girls where asking for it.  

Boebert's tight hooker dress & gross exaggerated femininity
gains her the protection of the Patriarchy
But, what Lauren Boebert is doing in her book is work feverishly to defend the Patriarchy.  White women like Boebert derive their power from the Patriarchy, just as her intellectual forebearers like Sarah Palin, Michele Bachmann, Supreme Court Justice Ginni Thomas, stretching back to Phyllis Schlafly did.  Additionally, non-white men and women can be afforded the protective blanket of the Patriarchy as long as the tout Republican (i.e. white male) supremacy (think Dinesh Dsouza or Candace Owens).

These people, like Boebert, like any of the vicious Trump-loving white women spend all day, everyday adopting extreme anti-woke, anti-CRT, anti-Cancel Culture positions often in the face of direct evidence.  The only way I can reconcile all of this is the patriarchy.  The patriarchy is threatened by Wokeness, by CRT, by Cancel Culture, by liberated women.  And therefore the white women who occupy a special niche just below men, but well above everyone else, in the Patriarchy are threatened as well so what we are witnessing is their vicious Reaction to liberalism, freedom, and equality.  

MAGA and Trumpism is a clear manifestation of The White Male Patriarchy.  But, the patriarchy's roots go back to the founding of the Nation and experienced a revival in the early 20th century with the creationism of Fascism.  Even, white men not normally associated with ULTRA-MAGA beliefs benefit from the cocoon of privilege from the White Male Patriarchy.  Sarah Polley laid out the horrors of the  monstrous production of the 1988 Terry Gilliam film, The Adventures of Baron Munchausen.  Polley talks extensively about being placed, as an 8 year old, in dangerous situations and having no one consistently looking out for her well-being.  Polley describes her lifetime fear of slamming car doors and is describing the aftereffects of trauma which often manifests as PTSD. Gilliam was 48 at the time coming off the "genius film" Brazil (1985) and Time Bandits (1982) and of course Monty Python, so he was afforded wide latitude even as the film spiraled out of control.  Years later Gilliam defended himself to Polley by claiming she seemed so mature for her age.  Gross, but also indicative of what every white male patriarch sees in his privileged world view.  A world which never asks him to temper his "genius" or limit his appetites or see the world through someone else's eyes.

But, if you speak out against the Patriarchy and Rightwing ideology well then you've abrogated your position and will be hounded and threatened (as Republicans Liz Cheney and Adam Kinzinger can attest) or steadily ridiculed, insulted, and reduced to secondary citizens (as Texas Log Cabin Republicans found out in June) because as the current rightwing aphorism goes, 'Get Woke Go Broke'

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