Friday, July 22, 2022

That Coward Josh Hawley

In a breach of comity and decorum of the United States Senate, a resolution passed 99-1 that Josh Hawley no longer be referred to as "Senator" or "The Honorable" and instead Josh Hawley will forever be known as "That Coward" Josh Hawley... 

After fist pumping the Jan6th Rioters That Coward Josh Hawley ran away...  Twitter is a hellhole but, for hours users roasted That Coward Josh Hawley with a non-stop barrage of memes.  Each of the memes created was fantastic in it's own way, the best image was the Capitol Officer standing still watching Hawley run by him his head swiveling from right to left.

Hopefully, this cowardly display having be captured for all-time would end the aspirations of Josh the little fascist.  Of course, this will have little impact on Hawley's shitass behavior which remains the same and was on display as he attempted to gotcha and own Berkley Professor Khiara Bridges during a Senate hearing last week.  Smartly, Professor Bridges treated That Coward Josh Hawley with the rapid fire disdain such a disgraceful stain on the Senate deserves.


In 2018, Hawley received 1,254,927 votes winning over Claire McCaskill's 1,112,935.  One hopes that by 2024 enough Missouri tough guys don't reward That Coward Josh Hawley with another Senate term.

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