Tuesday, July 19, 2022

Conservatives plan to remove the "Life of the Mother"

Republican Fascist Peter Breen 
of the More Dead Women Society
“The womb is the only organ in a woman’s body that serves no specific purpose to her life or well-being. It is truly a sanctuary.” Republican Brad Tschida, Montana State House Leader 

Women have no rights Republicans are bound to recognize.  Woman are naught but "Earthen Vessels" created by their Christofascist god.  

It hasn't even been a month since the Sinister Six Injustices of The Supremacist Court determined their bigoted fanatical religious beliefs trump the right to privacy, medical care, life and liberty of Americans but, while the "ink isn't even dry" conservatives are rapidly trying to muddy the legislative water and proclaim the plain meaning of the anti-abortion black letter law they've passed in numerous states doesn't actually mean what it clearly means.

To wit: Republicans will use the full power of the government to enact a Nationwide complete and total ban on all Abortions.  Until then expect
a lot of disingenuous statements and outright lying by Republicans for the next 4 months as the right tries to diminish the pushback in 2022 and minimize any potential electoral defeats.  After the election Rape-pubicans will make outlawing medical procedures for Women and interstate travel for women their priorities, and pass all sorts of coercive, invasive, and destructive "laws" possible to curtail Abortion 100%.  Whatever happens to the women impacted by these draconian measures is immaterial and I don't mean just medical care for pregnancy as these immoral and illegal laws passed by Rape-publicans are harming women seeking care for other medical issues.
"The answer is there has to be some form of punishment," Trump May 2016
Over the July 4th weekend, before Trump loving Republican Bobby Crimo murdered people, stubby pustule Peter Breen was chortling through an interview on WBEZ weekend edition.

Breen, a former Illinois Republican state Representative, was asked about women crossing state boundaries to pursue needed medical care.  You see under the Privileges and Immunities clause of the Constitution and nearly 200 years of established precedence case law, the ability to travel between states can not be infringed.  

Breen laughed and said his organization, the Chicago-based Thomas More Dead Women Society was working on bringing up possible challenges to make it to the Sinister Six Injustices of the US Supremacist Court.  You see, Breen replied, it's all about how you frame the issue.  Simply declare that juveniles can not be brought across state lines for illegal purposes and et voila you can now restrict the freedom of movement for women through the power of government.  Imagine DUI checkpoints repurposed for pregnancy checks at state borders for all women in cars.  Or requiring recent negative blood tests before being able to book a plane ticket.  Crotch sniffing K-9 Officers trained to smell menstrual blood stationed by trains at Ogilvie and Union Station in Chicago.

One of the most glib, galling, and insulting techniques conservatives adopted was the appropriation fo the name of some historical figure whom as the avatar of their bigoted group.  The Susan B. Anthony rightwing anti-abortion group, for instance.  Thomas More has nothing to do with US Law and his stupid 16th century book Utopia would be a far more dour, drab, and dull communist Nation than ever created in world history.  But, dumb ass conservatives don't know anything about Thomas More other than the wretched 1968 film Man for All Seasons, so Breen and other Fundigelical wackos claim his historical gravitas for themselves. 

Republicans are going to use the full coercive force and punitive power of Government, at all levels, to control, punish and dominate women.  Conservatives hate women and will do everything in their power to reduce women to nothing but birthing slaves as they continue to lay the foundation for the Fascist Fundamentalist Racist Slave Nation.  The reality is given enough political power and ignoring all pushback, Rape-publicans will outlaw all Abortions in all Circumstances and if it kills a woman or a little girl then that's it.

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