Tuesday, May 10, 2022

Knocking down Roe and Casey are the first bricks in the Republican Plan to Legalize Rape and Reestablish Slavery

The Pregnancy Police, they come to you in your bed
The Pregnancy Police, they're coming to arrest me
Oh No
“I am the people! I am the people! The people have decided! The court has decided! You lose! Not your body! Not your choice! Your body is mine! You're having my baby!” Men's Rights "FDNY" Guy.

"I tell my daughters, Well if Rape is inevitable to lie back and enjoy it," Republican Robert Regan Michigan 2022

"Well, first of all, again, that's where your heart goes out to them.  But, secondly, I think to your point, the rape and incest exceptions will continue to be a part of the debate. Right now, we do not have rape and incest as exceptions under the Arkansas trigger law, but there's -- I think that will be a part of the debate." - Asa Hutchinson sidesteps question about the No Abortion Law Period he signed way back in April 2021.  But his heart goes out to you women - now carry your Rapists' Baby as the GOP intends.

21st Century Republicans look upon their 19th century forerunners as mistaken and wrong. That is why the 21st century GOP has abandoned everything their ideological ancestors allegedly espoused. Hence while Republicans in the 19th century abolished Slavery, Modern Republicans seek to re-establish it across America.

The Lying Vile 5 Supreme Injustices empowered White Conservatives Rapists who will now have full power and say so over Women's bodies.  And this "decision" hasn't even been codified but, Republican Governors are looking past it and seeking other rights and freedoms they can restrict.  Asa Hutchinson and Tate Reeves couldn't contain the glee on their puffy fat white faces as they thought about undoing Same-Sex Marriage and Birth Control.  Marco Rubio's jug ears were flapping away as he declared his joyous intent to restrict Americans freedom of movement and medical care

Based on Puzzi di Merda Altio's "legal reasoning" conservatives are coming for Us.  Slavery is their goal.  

Right now, 2022 before the midterm elections, It's time to get clever and argue in bad faith.  You can't win an intellectual debate with trolls.  Lying for Jesus indemnifies and indeed cast's The Vile Five's Lies as righteous.

  • So for instance, accept the inerrancy of The Bible and declare; Since all humans are descended from Adam, Therefore all pregnancies are Incest.
  • Adopt Stand Your Ground and state your subjective fear (which is immune to being disproven) for your life means the fetus had to go.

I hope the Democrats understand what's going on here but, I don't think they do.  The Confederacy is Back.  Conservative traitors spent 150 years infiltrating, subverting, and undermining the United States from within and they are now poised to establish the Nation they wanted back in 1861; a repressive Evangelical Slave State dominated by White Men with white woman acting as enforcers.  With Malice towards All Non-MAGA and Charity towards None. 

These laws and pearl clutching about protests in front of The Vile Supreme Injustices house won't protect them.  For gawd's sake January 6th should have taught Democratic representatives that the Republicans will sic their followers upon them; no matter what Law is on the books.

The Bureaucratic Violence The Injustices on the Supreme Court have signaled is okay, in restricting Americans bodily autonomy, is going to be fully embraced by rightwing paramilitary terrorists.  Recall Republicans plowed this field by undoing the Violence against Women Ace in 2019 and overwhelmingly voting Yes more violence against Women in 2021 by a 172-29 margin in the U.S. House.  Rapist Rights is about to become a plank in the Rape-publican Party playbook.

Indeed Alito's call back to Matthew Hale reinvigorates the Rightwing belief that there is no such thing as Rape and women who are raped are to blame or lying.  Indeed as you recall all the odious Republicans who have cast doubt and aspersions on Rape Victims, understand they knowingly or unknowingly are ascribing their "thinking" to Hale's Warning.    

2022 is probably the last chance to vote and undo part of the damage wrought by Republicans over the last 50 years.  Democrats and the Left generally have been fighting rearguard actions since the Carter Presidency.  Yes there's been advances but one of the problems is freedoms and rights gained by liberal government look incredibly ephemeral now as 5 vile unelected Ephor wannabes of The Supreme Court can undo everything by referencing Matthew Hale.  If the Republicans succeed in grabbing control 2024 will not be an Election but, an undemocratic coronation of the Neo-Confederate State.


One Fly said...

Over recent years thought a couple elections were the most important ever. Maybe they were.

But this one is!

We are correct but these days that don't mean shit and they very much would like to shoot too.

When you have people like this with these dynamics it's o fucking k to hate and that is terrible to have to say. Their actions are such they deserve no less. Fuck'em all.

dervy scram said...

"I hope the Democrats understand what's going on here. But I don't think they do."

This is a viewpoint from outside the Obama Coalition. It reeks of the GOP/RU sponsored "Dems In Disarray" narrative. You act as if '18 and '20 never happened. Shame on you.

Grung_e_Gene said...

Not at all Dervy Scram, this isn't a general unfocused broadside but targeted critique of the Democratic response to the spontaneous and CORRECT protests against Boofer and Susie Collins which Democratic leadership rushed to condemn in an apparent display of shared comity.

Fortunately Chuck Schumer stated protests are cool and cited those on going at his residence. But if the D Leadership thinks the Media will give them kudos for civility and comradery their deluding themselves.