Thursday, November 29, 2007

Sean Taylor and Media Focus

A man named Sean Taylor was shot and killed. I am not happy about his untimely death.

I think the accounts which have chalked this murder up to a random burglary are discounting several key pieces of potential evidence. Taylor's father is an ex-police chief, which could easily provide motive for someone and the previous break-in at Taylor's home when a knife was left on his bed (a knife on the pillow was the warning of the Society of Assassins). Additionally, Taylor did have a criminal past including several incidents involving guns.
As an tribute the NFL has announced every player in the league will wear a #21 decal on their helmet.

However, I am puzzled and dismayed by the coverage from the news media. Could anyone at ESPN or the Washington Redskins name a soldier or marine who has died in Iraq? Do they even care?

Another 40 troops dead in November? Oh well.

But, the death of a man who can run fast and tackle people, who has been arrested for agravated assault with a firearm? Hell we need non-stop coverage!

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