Tuesday, June 22, 2010

AfghanStan McChrystal

This potential finding is exacerbated by the unconfirmed but suspected reports that POTUS and the secretary of the Army might include comments about Corporal Tillman's heroism and his approved Silver Star medal in speeches currently being prepared, not knowing the specifics surrounding his death. - then Lt. Gen Stanley McChrystal's P4 memo to General John Abaziad, as discovered years after Bush used Pat Tillman's death to bolster support for the Phony War on Terror.
Pat Tillman was an atheist, anti-war, read dissident authors, and thought Bush started an illegal war in Iraq. He's a true soldier and patriot and I wonder where all the Tea Party Traitors and Oath Keepers were when Bush was using Tillman's death to further his warmongering?

General Stanley McChrystal was in charge of the Pat Tillman cover-up. He's no Hero. It's possible Stan undertook the cover-up at the behest of the Cheney White House in order to deflect growing anti-war sentiment and to blunt the Abu Ghraib Torture revelations, which had been feverishly approved by Cheney and Donald Rumsfeld, and which could have unseated President Bush in 2004.

AfghanStan comes off very badly in the Rolling Stone article: The Runaway General by Michael Hastings. President Obama relieved him of his command for his poor judgement and contempt. Now Stan will be remembered (if at all) in the same breath as Gen George McClellan.

Of course, the tenor amongst the deluded punk ass bitch Right Wing Extremists is one of 'Well, as a General he really shouldn't show such contempt for the C-in-C, but we all know McChrystal is merely expressing the hatred for a kenyan born anti-American muslim terrorist lover' and 'the problem isn't McChrystal's lack of discretion but because he allowed inside an anti-war member of the liberal media'.

However, Barack take a clue, it doesn't matter how forcefully you prosecute the Neo-Con Phony War in Terror, the Right doesn't want the war won but continued forever. They want sustained occupation. Because the peace keeping mission provides them with cover for their true war goals; A Two-Fold Giant Transfer of Wealth. It's what the Republican Party exists for, Theft and Murder. And the Neo-Cons cover their criminal actions with the cry of 'National Interests'. There has never been a more pernicious lie than 'National Interests'.

This "recent" revelation that Afghanistan houses trillions in rare minerals has been known for decades and was one of the rationals the Soviets used to stay during their bloody decade.

COIN in Afghanistan is worthless because AQ aren't in the countryside, The new Afghan Commander General David Petraeus has stated that inconvenient fact. And the Mayor of Kabul Hamid Karzai has no political pull outside of his own eyesight.

The question is will international terrorist organizations use the countryside to train for overseas missions? Maybe but, the more overarching question has always been does our continued presence kill and deter more potential terrorists or create more?

Every few months an Al Qaeda #3 is killed to no apparent value. This is not because the American and ISAF operators are worthless, far from it, it's because the AQ structure isn't undone by eliminating HVTs. AQ3 does not have a line and block OOB under him which is disrupted by his removal, he isn't an Alfred Jodl or J.E.B. Stuart. Killing him dosen't disrupt their organization. AQ3 in Waziristan is not planning an envelopment of Jalalabad or two pronged strike towards Kabul and Mazer-i-Sharif. He's not a ninja or 37th Dan Blackbelt training 50 AQ assassins every year in the arts of lethal hand-to-hand combat, he isn't in Zurich channelling a billion here and a billion there in furtherance of an international plot to destabilize currency or fund an attack.

He's a guy living amongst goat herders in the 15,000 foot tall mountains of Pakistan, AQ have isolated themselves.



This is an excellent post; thank you so much!

You should be writing for a major newspaper and/or part of the nightly news-hour on a major TV network. Then again, your ability to wade through the muck; to tell the truth, probably wouldn't sit well with the corrupted news media that exists now.

Putz said...

over from no surf sarha, and i thought your article excellent, i am sort of on a pacifist inclined lately and and i believe this new general will lead us out of the war a little bit sooner>>>i agree with happy in nevada that your writing thrills me, and my writing sickens me because i can't articulate like i wish, but nevertheleess i do agree