Thursday, June 3, 2010

Ayn Rand Paul Wimp

John Galt never cried even when he was being Water Boarded (i.e. tortured). Galt not only had the wherewithal to retain his thought processes he used them to cause the torturers to flee in terror.

But Rand Paul hasn't even "won" a general election and he's already crying about the Liberal Media Talking to him.

How is Rand Paul going to battle Al Qaeda when a Rachel Maddow confrontation leaves him blubbering and sputtering? How is Rand Paul going to destroy the Federal Reserve when MSNBC makes him cry and retreat? How's he going to defend himself against the Washington DC's Illegal Initiation of Force when he can't even make it through a Neil Cavuto interview without whining?

The Clownish Chicken Hawk Tom Tancredo looked positively manly in comparison when he ran away from Markos Moulitsas.

Of course, Rand Paul is the perfect Ayn Rand Objectivist as he is a fake Doctor, who hates the common man, loves slavery and will work tireslessly to defend and enthrone Corporate Monsters as the Controllers of America.

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