Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Sarah Palin is Smart, Barack Obama is Dumb

As part of the Conservative Alternate Reality, The Right's Toxic Commentators have spent hours proclaiming Obama is not intelligent. And while this is easily dismissed by his eloquent speeches and distinguished academic career there is something to it.

President Obama made a huge stupid mistake upon taking office, which he has, sadly, compounded daily during his Presidency. Obama believed the Republicans care about America, they don't. Republicans only care about enslaving and killing Americans.

Anyone and everyone in the United States and the World who has heard a Republican speak or read their speeches realizes Republicans care only about killing people and stealing money.

Republicans are wickedly smart. The Republican Platform consists entirely of schemes designed to entrench, defend and succor the Plutocratic Control of America. Everything they espouse or proclaim to believe in is secondary to their primary purpose the Enslavement and Oppression of 99% of America and The World.

And President Obama stupidly did not recognize this fact.

On the otherside, Sarah Palin is so actively ignorant she can't name a single Founding Father of America, other than "All of 'em". But, what she can do is brilliantly enact The Neo-Con Slash and Burn script handed to her. She'll say and do whatever they want her to do because they pay her well enough. And while the Republicans rain a golden shower onto Sarah the Grifter with millions of dollars, it's a pittance to the Trillions the Republican Party has stolen from the American People and the World.

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