Monday, June 14, 2010

Republican Goverance: Enslave, Oppress or Murder

The Republicans believe they will be resurgent in the 2010 elections.

If so it's because the Republicans use 3 Overarching Strategies;

1st they attempt to Enslave Americans for example by scaring them about 'Teh Gays' or Terrorism or pretending to be big-time War Heroes when every Republican is a lying Chicken Hawk or Coward or by suddenly becoming fiscally conservative when they don't have control.

If the person resists Enslavement Republicans attempt to Oppress them, this they usually accomplish by removing their voting rights or destroying organizations like ACORN which aid the poor.

And if Enslavement and Oppression doesn't work Republicans Murder people who won't accept their Hegemonic Dominance. Usually by starting Phony Wars on Terror, or through the undercutting of safety protocols and regulations on their Plutocratic Masters and by ignoring Corporate Malfeasance as they have done again and again in the Oil and Coal Mining Industries. Republicans allow Working Class and Poor People to die whenever possible because after all while the Workers and Poor may be Americans they aren't Republicans.

Republicans place Party over Principle and Elections over Ethics.

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