Thursday, June 24, 2010

Republican Jokers

And now comes the part where I, relieve you, the little people, of the burden of your frail and useless lives. ~ BP Republican Joe Barton*
Joe Barton was right, he doesn't want to live in a country where a corporation that does something legitimately wrong are punished for it*. Republicans believe laws, responsibility for one's actions and repercussions are for the "little people" and they want to ensure Main Street Americans remain impoverished and enslaved.

Republicans at the behest of their Corporate Kleptocratic Masters have employed a Three-Pronged attack on American Labor and the Middle Class for the last 30 years.

By dismantling the industrial base of the Nation and lowering Tariffs the American Manufacturing sector was eliminated as jobs were shipped to Indonesia and other sweat shop countries where labor laws could be violated and "costs" (i.e. money to workers) could be keep down to one notch above complete slavery.

During this time an old tactic was revved up as more and more first generation immigrants came into the country to undercut and further depress wages of Americans born here while taking over segments of the labor market (landscaping, construction, carpentry, cooking, plumbing for instance) because the immigrant workers will work 14 hours with no benefits.

The other tactic which has served Punk Ass Bitch Republicans for decades is to play off the Middle Class and Poor against one another. Republicans reduce taxes on the wealthy and increase them on the Middle and Working Classes, thereby shifting the burden of aiding the poor onto those just above that poverty line. Republicans then go to those Middle Class people and blame their struggles and budget deficits on the poor and unemployed. To that end Republicans "defeated" the Jobs Bill in the Senate 41-57 by hyping up fears of abuse of unemployment benefits in the bill. The Republicans always blame the Poor and unemployed for every ill in America.

Republicans and the Oil-Soaked, Coal-Mining, Bank-Owning Kleptocrats they serve want to destroy the Middle Class so they can re-exert their control on the Political Power of America.

It has been the blood, sweat and tears of Labor and the Liberals push to expand the franchise and that smidgen of voting power in the hands of the formerly oppressed which has created the American Middle Class and caused the American 20th Century, the greatest expansion and flowering of creation, thought and freedom since the Renaissance.

Ultimately, the goal for The Plutocratic Class is to eliminate the Middle Class and force 95% of the American Workers to compete with a pool of worldwide virtual slave labor. Republican Henchmen act as the defenders and police for their Masters as they strive to return America to a state of Kleptocratic Feudalism.

Ayn Rand Paul Wimp [Disaffected and it Feels So Good]

High court reins in prosecutors' use of fraud law [Washington Post]
The Supreme Court on Thursday sharply curtailed prosecutors' use of an anti-fraud law that was central in convicting politicians and corporate executives in many of the nation's most prominent corruption cases.
What this means is if you're willing to commit fraud do it on a colossal corporate scale because the SCOTUS knows you're a Republican and will ensure you get away with it because crime = IOKIYAR.

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