Monday, May 31, 2010

The Free Market Does Everything Better

Economies that combined all these institutional innovations - banks, bond markets, stock markets, insurance and property owing democracy - performed better over the long run than those that did not, because financial intermediation generally permits a more efficient allocation of resources than, say, feudalism or central planning. ~ Niall Ferguson, The Ascent of Money, pg. 341.
So is the cry of the Right... Until Corporate Negligence kicks the teeth in of their brain dead Duped and Battered Voters. At that time Punk Ass Bitch Republicans turn right around and declare Government can't fix this mess! Being a Republican means never having to worry about being a Rank Lying Hypocrite. Republicans job once they've connived their way into office is to deregulate, underfund and render useless all Government programs designed to aid the poor and middle class in America. Republicans love to stab Americans in the back and then blame the victims of their murderous violence.

It's almost comical that Drew Carey would be telling the Cleveland City Council that government jobs should be privatized while America suffers under the worst disaster caused by Companies freed of evil Government interference under Republican Direction. It's obvious Carey is looking to address real problems facing Cleveland and deal with them. But, his perspective is from that who has lived a privileged life for 20 years now, from someone who can afford to hire a nutritionist, personal chef, trainers to help him lose weight and turn his life around.

While conservatives are quick and vocal to point out the problems caused by totalitarian government control they blissfully ignore the devastation caused by Corporate monstrosities. The Failure of Conservatism is the blissful unwillingness to recognize that those who wield government power for evil are from the same class that enslave humanity under the auspices of Capitalism. It has not been Capitalism but Democracy and smidgen of political power in the hands of the still oppressed, still being worked to death "Lower" Classes, which has enabled and driven the Greatest Flowering of Freedom and Innovation since the Ancient Greeks invented the concepts of Science, Philosophy and Democracy.

The Ancient Greeks recognized much about Human Nature. For instance, Human beings are selfish creatures. However there is nothing wrong with selfishness, it is a necessary and acceptable emotion. But those who make up the Kleptocratic Class and control America under the name Capitalism and in other nations under the same ideology with a different name aren't just normal selfish human beings but sociopaths who see humanity as they're servants. Republicans are the guard dogs and gate keepers for these Plutocratic Sociopaths. And the Conservatives who vote for the Republicans and against themselves have been enslaved via several strategies.

The triumph of liberalism is that we Liberals recognize other human beings.

And it has been Liberals using Democracy to elevate and alleviate the plight of the poor and create the Middle Class, which after WWII blossomed and created the Modern America everyone in the world wishes to emulate and the American People look fondly back upon. But, the Plutocratic Capitalists hated the Rise of the Middle Class and despise Democracy and desire a return to Feudalism. And since the creation of their marionette Ronald Reagan these "Capitalists" have fought hard to destroy America and Democracy and for a return to the times when they could cosign the Middle Class to the status of cogs in the wheels of Industry and War.


Liberality said...

Being a Republican means never having to worry about being a Rank Lying Hypocrite.

Bingo! Great article.

TRUTH 101 said...

God love you Gene. The main reason republicans hate government jobs is that some of the workers may be democrats. Years ago that's the way it was. You help me and I'll help you. Grass roots. Now it's you help me get elected with a big donation and I'll get you a giant government contract.

I'm an old time party hack Gene. If anyone has a problem with it screw em.

Republicans hate grass roots workers. They love rich donators and strive to make them richer with government largess.

The biggesdt ones clamoring for privatization are the ones benefitting from the government contracts that come from privatization.

It usually costs more money but politicos are experts at cooking numbers.

Anonymous said...

What incoherent drivel...

You are describing statist progressivism, aka crony capitalism. Oh, and your punk ass bitch liberal dems play along, too.

Freddie and Fannie need more cash, now that they've run through all the taxpayer money Dodd and Frank gave them.

The stock market crashed in 1987 and Reagan did... NOTHING!

And the economy pressed on.