Monday, May 31, 2010

War Records

Ohhh. Great Warrior. War's not make one great. ~ Yoda, The Empire Strikes Back
Except in the minds of warmongers. And because Americans venerate Mars and spit on christ it makes sense to augment ones war record.

This issue most assuredly crosses party lines. But, as Mark Kirk is in Illinois, where I live and vote, and Kirk is running for President Obama's Senate Seat that's where I'll concentrate.

Mark Kirk is currently a Reserve Officer in Naval Intel. Apparently, feeling he had to buttress his accomplishments, as he runs for The US Senate, Kirk claimed to have won the Navy's Intel Officer of the Year award. He didn't and this wasn't simply a matter of wearing the wrong unit citation but an intentional misrepresentation.

But, it won't matter because the Republican Party only cares about winning. And they may believe there's an added bonus to winning Obama's seat, a kind of added victory or momentum changer. So I guarantee the RNC, Fox News and Seditious Right Wing Blogs will continue to back Mark Kirk. He's a Republican and it's okay to be a lying slime bucket as long as you advance the Republican ideals of Rape, Theft and Murder.

Republicans and Conservatives choose Power over Principle and Elections over Ethics. IOKIYAR. That is why Republicans feel no shame in lying; Their Battered Voters choose political power over morality and pride and will vote in Liars and Cowards without compunction.

Well, well, well... Mark Kirk has made a second career of lying about his military service. Kirk has allowed his Congressional profile and media appearances to leave Americans the impression he fought in Iraq, he didn't, and that he isn't a sniveling REMF (Rear Echelon Mother Fucker), he is. Kirk is a coward and a lying punk ass bitch a perfect fit in the Republican Party.

The Atlantic’s Marc Ambinder wrote that “Lying about it [military service], even exaggerating about it, is therefore instantly disqualifying.” But... It’s OK -- If You’re A Republican. [Media Matters]


Liberality said...

Have you noticed that there are more democrats that have been in the service then have republicans? It's true, and as we see here, if you are a republican you can lie about your service record with impunity and they do it again and again with absolutely NO SHAME.

Grung_e_Gene said...

Of course! Conservatives lying about their militry service and being a Chicken Hawk goes back to William F. Buckley at least.

Take a look at this post of mine which highlights every speaker at the 2010 CPAC Convention never served a day. Conservatives are a Fucking Disgrace.

ran said...

Dude! Cut Kirk some slack. He "simply misremembered it wrong." I'm sure quite a few veterans have misremembered parts of what they did while serving. Of course, if the VA's mental health units were better funded, maybe he could have had some help remembering and dealing with the traumatic experiences he obviously went through.