Friday, May 21, 2010

The Party of The Absurd

Only you can set you free ~ Cult of Personality, Living Colour
It's been a rough few weeks since I last posted. In that time America has witnessed how Collective Insanity can destroy a political party as the Republicans have careened from the mere absurd into depths of pure malevolence.

The Republicans have shown themselves to be comprised of Violently Stupid, Actively Ignorant Racist Self Hating Homosexual Chicken Hawk Homophobes who are only to happy to work to defend the Plutocracy while oppressing and killing the rest of the World.

Republicans love to call their Treason, Patriotism and their Intolerant Religious Bigotry, Freedom as they feed their more and more insular and self deluded cultists their daily pablum of Insanity.

What the Republicans have been doing for decades is setting up a self-contained Narrative in which their Insane can Believe.

The Republicans lie with abandon because no matter what Glenn Beck, Sarah Plain, Racist Limbaugh, Sean Hannity, and all the Toxic Commentators say is true becomes true to the Violently Stupid Conservative Troglodytes.

And it's not going to stop...


TRUTH 101 said...

My sources tell me Sarah Palin read this and found a reply on her left palm. It said "Oh yeah? Well Lee Harvey Oswald was a pinko liberal so there smarty pants."

We're doomed Gene. Been nice knowing you.

Grung_e_Gene said...


They want their country back and if they can't have it then no one shall.