Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Softball Bats aren't Phallic?

The Toxic Commentators decided a picture of Elena Kagan in batting stance means she's gay. The Right Wing Slime Merchants also threw in something about her hair cut, clothing choices and the way she crosses her legs. Very nuanced.

So, to the majority of Americans these allegations are ludicrous but to punk ass bitch actively ignorant conservatives "teh gay" is terrible. And the Fascist Fox News narrative is to wave their arms and scream 'Gaaaaaay!' as loud as possible.

First off, conservatives are so stupid they can't even correlate their homophobic slurs with a proper picture. Kagan standing with a long stiff wooden bat in her hands does not evoke gay, for that they would need a photo of Kagan slamming her fist into a slightly open mitt or something.

Secondly, this juvenile homophobic cooties talk is pathetic. At least the anti-woman Bay Buchanan had the courage to claim Kagan is dumb. This allegation can at least be tested. Of course, Bay is wrong but then she's a Buchanan and as such her Fascist Nazi Loving Roots are evident every time she sprekenzie.

And the Right's view on Homosexuality also highlights the conservative ideological disconnect and cognitive dissonance as conservatives claim they love liberty and champion freedom but waste no time using the power of Government to curtail personal freedoms for Gay people. Why? Because conservatives Hate Freedom and Democracy and love Tyranny and Aristocracy.

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