Monday, May 24, 2010

Ayn Rand Paul

Even though his name is not dervied from the Anti-Human Ayn Rand, Paul has certainly imbided and assimilated her evil views. Rand's worldview treat the vast majority of humanity as vermin. Ayn Rand celebrated the beautiful people. To Rand humanity, the common man, was nothing but potential parasites and therefore unreasonable, not grounded in her reality, irredeemable and not worth saving. The Common Man is nobody special.

But, besides anti-human Objectivism, Rand Paul also believes in Corporatist Supremacy. A large enough Corporation, BP for instance, can do whatever it pleases (Fuck the Planet!) and it's Un-American to dare criticize them.

Rand Paul had barely won the Republican nomination for Senator in Kentucky* than he was out proudly trumpeting his support for the Kleptocracy, shielding BP and enunciating his firm belief that minorities need to be returned to slavery.

Poor Poor Business, Rand Paul will rise as your Defender!

Paul's beliefs will allow Business the Right to Destroy whole swaths of the Earth and keep the majority of Americans in their place working themselves to death to make more profits for the Plutocrats he so admires.

*- Rand Paul's primary win also highlights the Battered Republican Voter Syndrome as it shows conservatives love of Aristocracy and Hereditary Rule and hatred of Meritocracy and the Founding Fathers.

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