Monday, November 7, 2022

Time to Choose: Democracy or Slavery

"Republicans will never lose another election in Wisconsin after I'm elected governor," Billionaire Religious Bigot Dictator Wannabe Tim Michels, who is running to be Governor of Wisconsin.

All across the Nation, Republicans are broadcasting their Authoritarian intentions, with the prime goal of establishing permanent oppressive, intolerant Republican Rule.  The Corporate Media won't say anything about this; except to run their standard storylines of BothSidesDoIt and Democrats in Disarray.  It's up to Us too slow, stop, and reverse the Vile and Murderous Actions of the Crypto-Fascist Republican Party.

And yes there are structural rules and undemocratic traditions deeply embedded in the Nation which makes this a heavy lift, besides the perfidious back-stabbing of the likes of Kyrsten Sinema. 

And realize before you claim it's hyperbole or that's just what everyone says about the current election; understand that Republicans in numerous States, in the Federal Government, and all the way up to the Supreme Court have already begun to restrict rights, impose oppressive burdens, ensconce undemocratic methods, and are resolved to go further and further and further.

They've already begun with Abortion, which, if the GQP wins majorities, will quickly be made unlawful across the country.  Along with a host of other medical procedures because the GQP are coming for Contraception.  Bodily Autonomy. Same-Sex Marriage.  Social Security.  Medicare.  Your very Right to Vote at all.

Everything is on line.

And yes when the Republicans underperform tomorrow November 8, 2022, they will scream and shout and cry Fraud, lie about their Stolen "Victories", and incite their Rightwing Domestic Terrorists to further actions which make Jan 6th seem like a picnic on the Capitol grounds because that's what Rightwing political thought is these days violence and lies.

So go and vote while you still can but, also get ready to fight for your very lives afterwards because Republicans and Rightwingers are coming for them.

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