Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Feels like Suicide

With an ounce of pain
I wield a ton of rage
Just like suicide
- Soundgarden, Like Suicide

Update 04/23:
CBS News is reporting Two US Senators are calling for the resignation of Bush Regime Liar Ira Katz. Of course, Katz will step down apologizing for his misstatements over such a trivial matter as wounded vets taking their own lives after Bush's War of Conquest and Choice. And Bush will delude enough people into believing he's not to blame for the mistreatment and abuse of veterans.

So the VA for some unknown reason is lying about the number of vets who have taken their own lives. Now why would the Department of Veteran Affairs lie about what happens to veterans post-war? To keep the American people in the Dark about the human toll of war because the Surge is working.

How much evidence needs to come to light to show the disdainful indifference Bush and his cadre has for Veterans.

Veterans benefits are hurtful to national defense: "The amounts have gotten to the point where they are hurtful. They are taking away from the nation's ability to defend itself," says David Chu, the Pentagon's undersecretary for personnel and readiness.

When the VA continually (here and here) loses Veterans personal information.

And when Veterans groups get together and sue for better health, the Bush Regime fights to have the case dismissed.

Armen Keteyian has emails, from the VAs Head of Mental Health, Dr. Ira Katz lying and covering up the number of suicides by Veterans. Here's the CBS transcript which claims Dr. Katz made efforts to hide the information from CBS News and lied during testimony.

So the words about noble deaths and sacred blood and honor and such are all put into dead lips by grave robbers and fakes who have no right to speak for the dead. Dalton Trumbo, Johnny Got His Gun

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