Friday, April 25, 2008

Dreaming of Riots

I used to listen to Rush Limbaugh back during the Clinton "Hegemony". Wasn't he helping America when pointed out egregious and illegal behavior surrounding the Bill Clinton White House? But, then something happened. In 2001, two men who embody everything wrong with American politics moved into DC and Rush couldn't help but ignore or find excuses for their law breaking.

More and more the outrageous Use of Federal Power by the man in the White House was being defended by Rush. Why, I began to wonder? It seems clear Limbaugh is willing to defend illegal activities if the group using them subscribes to the political viewpoint Rush endorses.

Limbaugh is clearly an ardent Statist and authoritarian who cares nothing for the American People. After all this is a man who considers anyone who disagrees with his politics to be a "phony". Whether that person is a 12 year old boy, a man with a disability, or anti-war veterans.

Now, Limbaugh is calling for Riots in Denver. And I'm not going to allow the intellectually dishonest argument Limbaugh put forth "I'm not inciting riots, I'm dreaming of riots." No, Rush, you can't parse your "Dream of Riots" as not inciting. If there were Riots in Denver during the DNC why it will be easy for Limbaugh to make a casual connection. Democrats get together and then they riot, therefore we need to elect Republicans. Of course, this opens up the likelihood a Limbaughian Agent Provocateur will engage in anti-social behavior hoping to incite a conflagration.

Limbaugh doesn't live in Denver, Limbaugh isn't a cop. If there are riots the people of Denver and the Police will be put into the fire, because with the increased tensions comes the increased odds of an incident and people being injured. But, Limbaugh doesn't care. The real people put into danger by his views, be they the Continued Occupation of Iraq, Expanding War into Iran, Rioting in Denver, don't touch him. He'll be safely ensconced in his EIB radio booth.

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Nixon said...

I used to listen to a LOT of talk radio during the Clinton Administration...but after Bush got into office, they seemed reluctant to take him on. Oh well, at least now I have blogs to figure out what those in charge are conspiring.