Saturday, April 5, 2008

Anthrax and 9/11

I'm going to write about the Anthrax attacks after 9/11 and the non-FDA approved vaccines forced on Service Members.

First, the talking point that War President Commander Guy Bush has been so awesome he has protected us from hundreds of Terror Attacks and NONE have occurred on US Soil, since 9/11. Well, it's not true. The Amerithax attacks happened in America, after 9/11, Americans died and whomever was responsible for the attacks has never been captured.

In 1998, Clinton demanded all US service members receive the anthrax inoculations. The company BioPort (created solely to win the government contract) acquired the vaccination making contract. Coincidentally, just prior to the Amerithax attacks, in June 2001 the DOD halted vaccination due to non-FDA approved changes in BioPort's manufacturing process. Well, the stoppage created a stockpile of vaccinations.

After the attacks the US Government had a clear and present danger! Bam now US Service Members can be forced to take shot after shot after shot! So, using it's coercive power that's what the US Government did. It forced it's cogs to begin the anthrax vaccinations program. Then the maker of the vaccination could be free to make more of the vaccinations and was ensured of a buyer in the US government. The Free Market at it's best!

Well, in Camp Lejeune North Carolina new marine Grung_e_gene and others were brought into a hall were a Navy Doctor began a telling us why the vaccine was so safe, how long the vaccine had been in use, why the inoculation procedure was needed and how good this would be for us.

A few innocuous questions were asked and then I got the nerve to ask the Doc if any long term trials had been conducted.
Doc answered derisively, "Testing on humans is unethical." and moved on...
Somewhat taken aback, but still standing in the Q&A session I replied, "I know but have any long term studies, or follow on contacts been made with those who've received the shots?"
"I'll have to get back to you on that one, marine."

Of course, I never heard back and never will. The US government has a long history of using it's cogs as test subjects. Lest we forget: The Tuskegee Syphilis Experiment, Operation Whitecoat, Project SHAD, Project 112, MK-ULTRA, and more allegations.

Some of the accounts the government has admitted to conducting. Although it usually waits until those they've subjected to unethical tests are dead and buried. But, I'm sure the Officials who green-lighted testing on unsuspecting and unwilling humans ( under they're dominion) understood and justified their actions under the all-encompassing creed; For the Good of the Nation.

Anyway back to Camp Lejeune 2002, SSgt and Gunney were told by our Captain who heard from BN Lt Colonel who heard from I don't know that in no uncertain terms any Marine who refused to submit to the inoculations would be charged with disobeying a direct order and would be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the UCMJ. Which would mean a Court Martial, brig time and a Big Chicken Dinner.

So, I have no idea if the crap they shot into my body did anything to me. Whomever made the vaccines made alot of money from Government contracts. But worst of all the Inoculation doesn't protect the person from inhalation anthrax but, only skin-contact. So if a GeorgeWBush Terrarist happens to get an anthrax bomb everyone who received the hot doses is screwed anyway. But, if any soldier decides to go cow tipping and rubs some cow shit on his arms well he'll be safe...

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Anonymous said...

"This is the typhoid vaccine. This vaccine will NOT make you ill. Any Marines that experience nausea, vomiting, or diarrhea after taking this vaccine are merely suffering from a psychosomatic response."

And then, we all spent the evening woozy, shitting and puking our guts out...

And why in hell did I need EIGHT "antibiotic boosters" in boot alone?

jeez...I remember the Anthrax courts-martial.