Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Is this the End Times?

The sharp chill woke me this morning. But the gloomy cold could not dim my perceptions. The Chicago-land area has been hit heavy snows and fierce cold. Chicagoans remarked, "Enough already!" and "It keeps coming, and coming, and coming."

Well too bad Chicagoans because it's not going to stop. Yep, that's right this former atheist has come to the realization this is the End Times as prophezised. I dare you to ignore the unmistakable signs.

I now know this is the beginning of Fimbulvetr, the winter of winters.

This winter will continue we will not see a true spring or summer and lo the next winter shall be worse until we are coated in perpetual snow by the third and most final winter.


Its Ragnarok!

All morality has disappeared (the rise of Darwinism anyone?) Soon Fenris will break his chains and devour the Sun and Moon, plunge the world into eternal darkness and signal the titanic last battle. Deny it if you wish you stupid unmoral a-theists, but the signs are quite clear.

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