Sunday, April 20, 2008

Contract Dichotomy

I've already written about this issue but the Bears (from Chicago) Linebacker Brian Urlacher is demanding a reworked contract.

His current contract has 4 years left on it. 4 years. I think everyone who's served understands the gravity of 4 years...

Urlacher signed the 9 year deal for 57 million in 2003. Now the reason you sign a long term deal in most sports is for the security and for the big upfront guaranteed signing bonus. Urlacher is threatening to retire in order to keep his signing bonus. Additionally, Urlacher has neck and back injuries. His career could be shortened so he's trying for more money.

I have no problem with people attempting to get as much money as possible. But doesn't this situation highlight the disconnect American Society has with reality and Iraq? The dichotomy between a football player, who's major problem* is he has the terrible duty of working on Sundays versus those lazy Marines and Soldiers who only have to face the risk of getting their legs blown off?

Either contracts matter or they don't. Personally, I'd like to see Urlacher get more money because I naturally come down on the side of the individual but I know the government will not afford the same latitude in missing movements or threats of "retirement" from the service members prior to obligating their contract, because I think the government labels that person a criminal.

*-I'm ignoring the fact Urlacher once had dalliance with Paris Hilton.

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