Sunday, November 29, 2015

Unlike Benghazi, we can never know the motives of the Planned Parenthood Gunman nonetheless, Republicans support the Terrorist Attack (Updated)

Oh wait yes we can!

Robert Lewis Dear made a partial statement when taken into custody last night proclaiming "no more baby parts" as his hostage taking, act of terror, stand-off was finally ended. 3 brave people died another 9 were wounded.

What motivated Dear to leave his North Carolina home and drive all the way to Colorado Springs to attempt a mass murder terrorist attack?

Wouldn't it be just if the deaths of 3 brave Americans at Colorado Springs received the same level of scrutiny and 13 Congressional Investigations as the deaths of 4 brave Americans at Benghazi?

But, then who are the Republican Congress going to investigate and indict? Themselves? Because Jason Chaffetz and the Republicans who feverntly lied and dutifully tried to manufacture controversy over bogus videos are culpable and complicit in this incident. Would Jason Chaffetz also have to admit that his feeble lies motivated Dear?

Would Adam Kinzinger and the Republican Congress have to admit so-called "barbaric videos" can in fact motivate a true believer to commit a terrorist attack, after they spent the last 3 years telling Americans that videos could never do that? Would the Republicans have to issue arrest warrants for David Daleiden, one of their Heroic anti-abortion Propagandists? Because as tbogg notes,
David Dalieden didn’t pull the trigger — he just showed Robert Lewis Dear where he needed to aim the gun.
Additionally, the absolute silence from the Republican Candidates for President is deafening and eye-opening. The Republicans absolutely agree with the attack on the Planned Parenthood but can't figure out a way to thread the needle of supporting the attack which took the lives of 3 brave Americans, including a Police Officer, whom Republicans always claim to support and love but, are willing to sacrifice to advance their evil agenda.

Nonetheless, Robert Lewis Dear is now enshrined in the Pantheon of Conservative Second Amendment Heroes. Dear did what so many conservatives fantasize about but lack the intestinal fortitude to undertake.

The thing is conservatives are cowards and Republicans are liars. They lack the courage of their convictions. If they truly believed that Planned Parenthood is murdering millions of babies as they so often shout then why aren't they storming the facilities? Why aren't they attacking PP facilities like the ISIS fighters they truly wish they had the balls to be?

It is because they don't believe their own rhetoric. Despite the rending of their garments and the gnashing of their teeth and the beating of their breasts. What Republicans see in Planned Parenthood is an unending source of political propaganda, which they tap into time and time again for votes, to advance their true agenda of Intolerance and Oppression.

Now, as in the case of Robert Lewis Dear, a conservative domestic terrorist swallows enough of the right-wing Republican rhetoric and believes enough of the deceptive bogus video evidence from David Daleiden and goes off on a killing spree. But, there's enough Republicans willing to obfuscate, lie and distort (as Adam Kinzinger of Illinois did when he was quick to note, while the attack and hostage situation was unfolding, Dear "had taken a legitimate disagreement with the practice") to muddy the waters, until the public tires of the situation and returns to their daily routine and forgets the Republicans in Congress are responsible for this incident.

While conservatives proclaim amongst themselves, 'This had nothing to do with Planned Parenthood it was a bank robbery gone wrong, move along,' and go back to their routine of "catapulting the propaganda" until another so-called lone wolf in the right-wing pack of domestic terrorists, easily gets guns and murders more liberals, women, minorities, and anyone else so they can Make America Great Again.

The Republican candidates finally got around to responding, and we've learned the two other victims identities; a Iraq War Veteran and a 36 year old Mother of Two. But, don't worry because the victims identities will not dissuade the Conservative Domestic Terrorists.


WHackwhacker said...

Gene - Tailgunner Ted Cruz has solved the mystery of who the shooter really is - according to Tailgunner Ted, he's a "transgender leftist!" Wow. Didn't see that coming. He could've made that a wingnut trifecta if he'd also called him a secret Muslim.

WHackwhacker said...

Gene - Tailgunner Ted Cruz has solved the mystery of who the shooter really is - according to Tailgunner Ted, he's a "transgender leftist!" Wow. Didn't see that coming. He could've made that a wingnut trifecta if he'd also called him a secret Muslim.

Grung_e_Gene said...

Yeah, Cruz and Fiorina are especially odious, by throwing "Transgendered" & BLM into this incident. But, it's the standard right wing playboy of distortion confusion dishonesty and deceit so that the Republican drones can have their Bigotry and violence coddled so conservative domestic terrorists can continue their complain of violence against those groups who don't know their place.

Jerry Critter said...

I guess we can expect Fiorina to continue lying since she will not be bullied into telling the truth.