Wednesday, August 12, 2015

The Oathkeepers descend upon Ferguson, Missouri probably hoping to murder black people

The Oathkeepers, or more accurately Oathbreakers, have invaded Ferguson, Missouri. Four heavily armed members of the militia say they are in Ferguson to protect Alex Jones Infowars "reporters". The four whiter-than-white tactically loaded to bear militia members marched around the streets of Ferguson right after Ferguson Police engaged in a "Shoot-Out" with Tyrone Harris on the one year anniversary of Michael Brown's murder.

After Michael Brown's murder by Darren Wilson, when black people began to assemble and protest, the Ferguson Police Department decided to greet those initial protests with Overhwelming Force. All legitimate complaints about excessive force, ticky-tack violations, and unconstitutional Stop & Frisk met a literal wall of riot shields and machine guns mounted on military surplus vehicles.

Of course, the complaints of the protesters were vindicated by the Department of Justice Report on the shoddy Police practices of the Ferguson PD which was based on the revenue generating Broken Windows Theory which treats every Person of Color as a potential criminal.

The Oathkeepers, Oathbreakers, were ostensibly founded to protect the American People from the excesses of the Government predicated on their Manifesto which includes the staunch "Not on Our Watch" Motto but, in reality they are a group of lily white Reactionary Conservatives who can be counted upon to support Right-Wing law breakers (e.g. Cliven Bundy) but, absolutely support the violent use of Government power against what they perceive as left-wing agitation (Occupy Wall Street and Ferguson last year after Michael Brown's murder.)

Much like their sister organizations the Unconstitutional Sheriff's of America, the III Inchers errr, Percenters, and the various unaligned Soverign Citizens, the Oathbreakers represent the Re-rise of the Anti-Government Militia Movement in the United States.

In his seminal 1962, SE Finer, in his seminal 1962 book The Man on Horseback: The Role of the Military in Politics, described the underlying mindset which fuels the Oathbreakers, 
"I find in existence a new and heretofore unknown and dangerous concept that the members of our armed forces owe primary allegiance or loyalty to those who temporarily exercise the authority of the Executive Branch of Government rather than to the country and its constitution which they are sworn to defend." 
No proposition, added General MacArthur, 'could be more dangerous.' On the contrary, it is General MacArthur's view which opens Pandora's Box. The moment the military draw this distinction between nation and the government in power, the begin to invent their own private notion of the national interest, and from this it is only a skip to the constrained substitution of this view for that of the civilian government. ( ibid. pg 22-23)
Finer used a quote from General Douglas MacArthur in 1952, who was in a power struggle with President Harry Truman, which famously led to MacArthur's removal as Commanding General during the Korean Conflict.

Like most of the Reactionary Conservatives who make up the American Right today the Oathbreakers are a lily white group who have convinced themselves that the only legitimate government is one which hews closely to their "understanding" and interpretation of the Holy Constitution.


ChickenHammer said...

It's interesting that the night before The Oath Keepers one black was shot by another black and another black was shot by the police after opening fire on them. The night The oath keepers were there no one was shot or even shot at.

A well trained militia not bound by the same restrictions as the police scare the heck out of the average street thug. The street thugs for the most part stayed indoors and out of sight the night The Oath Keepers patrolled Ferguson.

Funny coincidence isn't' it!?

Grung_e_Gene said...

Awesome. Chickenhammer your flaming hot racism is showing. Like all conservatives you hate Cops unless they are killing blacks and it shows in your comment that you are actually seethingly mad that the Oathkeepers keep more blacks from being murdered.

ChickenHammer said...

LOL Gene! Your inability to follow a simple story line without embelishing it with your own fantisy has really bubbled to the surface. I described what I saw happen and you couldn't help but to describe what you wanted to see happen.

It's probably too late for an embittered and hateful little troll like you but there's always the chance that with the right mix of medication and therapy you can be saved. Give it a shot buddy; you may still stand a chance of becoming a productive American citizen. :)

Love you buddy,