Friday, September 23, 2022

Republican Congressional candidates have nothing to offer the American people but, Lies

"This story was placed by the liberal media and my opponent... All of my deployments are listed as classified, " JR Majewski, just blame the liberal media and continue lying; guaranteed election results.

Tina Forte, J.R. Majewski, and John Gibbs are Republican candidates for Congress.  So, understand they won their primaries.  Now, it appears none of their staff or consultants did a background check or create an opposition research file on themselves.  Literally, none of these people belong anywhere near the US Government or making laws.

But, it doesn't matter because all Republicans have to do is scream Radical CRT Woke Socialist BLM Antifa and that pure unfiltered propaganda garners them support and votes.  And to be clear these 3 wack-job liars aren't the only Republicans running Congress just spouting bullshit, propaganda and falsehoods.  It's all of them.

Tina Forte rose to prominence with her heavy Bronx accent YouTube videos, steroid physique and her veal carpaccio chest screaming about AOC.  

Forte attended the January 6th insurrection and now is running against AOC.  Now Forte won her Republican primary with 1500 votes out of 2200 cast and AOC received over 150,000 in the 2020 general so... this election isn't going to be close and is going to be called with 0% reporting.  

But here's the thing about Tina Forte screaming AOC is going to Defund the Police, her family is a drug dealing and gun smuggling cartel with multiple arrests and run-ins with the law.  But, she gets to run as the Law&Order candidate because the Corporate Media will always find a way to #BothSides this.  AOC supports Police reform while Tina Forte is a Moll or gumar so both sides have a problem with law enforcement (Check out the NewYorkTimes Pitchout for similar ledes)

Meanwhile, J.R. Majewski won his primary by touting his vivid combat experience in Afghanistan being the 1st Air Force Squadron on the ground after 9/11 and he went weeks without a shower and his high-level corporate decision making.  Of course, Majewski never made it to Afghanistan.  Ever.  But, service during the Phony GWoT is no longer an animating principle for Conservatives these days anyway.  As Dan Crenshaw found out when a rightwing troll confronted him on the street to belittle his injuries and combat service.  I've noted for years on this blog and elsewhere that conservatives don't actually support the troops and never had, it's just that had been confined to mocking, attacking, and belittling Democratic or left service members but now Millennial Rightwingers belittle Republicans, too.

Then there is John Gibbs, who worked for the Trump administration in HUD (because Racist Trump thinks blacks should be confined to Urban development) won the Republican primary by ousting Pete Meijer, who had taken over the seat in 2020 but, had done the unthinkable and supported the Jan6th investigation, contempt of Congress charges against convicted criminal Steve Bannon, and voted to impeach Donald John Traitor Trump.  This is anathema to the modern GQP.  

So, Gibbs challenged him and won the Trumpublican nomination for Congress.  Well, back in 2000 and 2001, young master Gibbs attended Stanford where he founded and wrote for conservative group called the Society for the Critique of Feminism, where Gibbs argued that Women's Suffrage wrecked America.  His campaign staff have responded to the reporting by stating Gibbs really didn't believe women shouldn't be allowed to work or vote, he was just Owning the Libs before Owning the Libs was cool.

Will Veterans vote for JR Majewski?  Will women vote for Josh Gibbs?  Will LEOs vote for Tina Forte?  I guess the answers will come inside of 6 weeks.  I haven't felt this depressed about Elections since 2004, when Republicans ran on September 11th, Global War on Terror, Rah rah rah War and "won".

Republicans won and America lost.  Conservatives never really believed their so-called principles.  All their talk of liberty and support the troops and thin blue line has been rhetorical cudgels to bash the left.  What conservatives really want is a White Supremacist Nation run by the Patriarchy.  The ultimate goal for the Rich Republicans is to give conservatives a racist evangelical ethno-state here where domestic dissent by liberals, women, minorities, LGBTQ is ruthlessly quashed by Paramilitary Police forces and an expansive military which goes abroad and secures resources from foreign Nations by whatever means necessary.

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