Thursday, September 1, 2022

Torture Loving, chubby chickenhawk, soft handed elitist Marc A. Thiessen continues to be a rightwing liar and morally reprehensible person

My gut reaction on reading Marc Thiessen’s new book, Courting Disaster, was: “Why is a speechwriter who’s never served in the military or intelligence community acting as an expert on interrogation and national security?”[I]f you’re not an expert on a subject, shouldn’t you interview experts before expressing an opinion?   
From a 2010 Slate article.  It's quaint to look back upon those times, when people believed rightwingers claims to patriotism and didn't understand the Republican Party is a fully-fascist organization hell bent on destroying the United States and creating a Rightwing Authoritarian Dictatorship.  
Like shit on the bottom of your shoe, rightwing shits never really go away. W(orst POTUS Ever) speechwriter Marc A. Thiessen continues in his role as lying propagandist in the Washington Post Opinion page (Twice weekly!). This week Torture Lover Thiessen wrote a piece proclaiming the Biden Student Loan Forgiveness plan is Stolen Valor.   It should be noted that like most of the Bush War Room, Thiessen is a doughy chickenhawk coward who never served a fucking day in Uniform, let alone in a hostile environment. 

But, imagine that?  A rightwing elitist who never served, never had a real job, never done a day's worth of real work, who's lived on government largesse his entire cushy life, bashing working class Americans for receiving a modest stipend and using "The Troops" to do so.

Thiessen was on par with John Yoo in approving waterboarding and various other forms of torture and much like Sean Hannity, Thiessen agreed to be waterboarded to show how easy it was but, then backed out.  As a couch-borne commando, Thiessen infested multiple media outlets, selling war propaganda and lies to the American public during the Bush Phony War on Terror era.  

After serving as a propaganda mouthpiece for War Crimes, Thiessen moved to the eternally lucrative rightwing grift circle of media appearances, book tours, College speeches, and opinion piece writing.  And the Corporate Media dutifully aided him in the conservative agenda.  The Corporate Media exists to disseminate rightwing propaganda in a semi-sanitized, palatable form for normie America to consume. Even if a specific argument doesn't gain traction, the repetition of lies, conservative bullshit, and light fascism has the desired effect of lodging in the brains of its' readers, where years later a hazy recollection will churn the lies back to the surface.

Like all rightwing American Roman Catholics Marc Thiessen is pro-torture, pro-murder, in favor of reducing women to second class status, against vaccine mandates, and against charity for the poor and downtrodden.  So against everything the Catholic Church was ostensibly founded to mitigate and alleviate.

Thiessen is a shameless liar, a coward, a terrorist, a scumbag. But, far from excising him from the body politic these are positive values conservatives want in their thinkers and leaders and has lead to a 20 year career for a doughy loser who delights in the thought of torturing people and watching Americans suffer.

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