Saturday, September 3, 2022

Obscene Wisconsin Governor candidate Tim Michels tells conservatives to Murder the Media with pitchforks and torches

Tim Michels is running for governor of Wisconsin.  He's a multimillionaire owner of a construction company.  Now normally that means he's mobbed up (See Manhattan real estate developer Donald John Trump for instance) but, in Tim Michels case he wants to be Governor so he can more easily funnel state dollars to his company using his political office.  "We bring value to the taxpayers of Wisconsin," Michels said.

Well... you can see what kind of "value" a thin-skinned prick like Michels brings.  Journalists looked into his "Charitable donations" and found out they weren't so charitable.  In fact, Michels has been giving money to lying anti-abortion groups and vile homophobic organizations.

As always, telling the truth about Republicans is the worst crime a journalist or anyone can commit.  In response, Republicans usually call for violence.  Predictably, in a lesson taken from Traitor Trump, Tim Michels decided to performatively get mad and tell his supporters to go murder members of the media;
"People need to decide, you know, am I going to put up with this? Am I going to tolerate this... I believe people should just, just be ready to get out on the streets with pitchforks and torches with how low the liberal media has become."  Republican Tim Michels

And here's the thing, Milwaukee Journal Sentinel reporting is completely accurate.  Tim Michels and his wife's bullshit foundation gave $250,000 to groups which seek to ban all forms of contraception and outlaw abortion in all cases.  Tim Michels gave money to religious organizations which seek to ostracize, shame, shun, and harm LGBTQ persons.

After directing calling for violence,  Tim Michels campaign stated baldly these donations are "Christian causes".

Republicans feel no shame, of course, in their intolerance but, they also feel no fear in calling for violence against certain groups.


One Fly said...

All this kinda shit is sooo tough to take. There aren't words. Lies are the norm now and if those lies are questioned then the threats come. This is seriously all kinds of fucked up the likes never seen before - not even close. I hate these bastards with all my being.

Grung_e_Gene said...

One Fly,

It's part of the stochastic terrorism, Republicans adopted. They incite their followers with lies, they give air to conspiracies about Pizza = Pedophilia, they agree the election is stolen, they mimic the "Won't somebody rid me of this terrible priest?" But, since they rarely identify a specific target (as Fascist Michels here casts a broad net over "the media") they can feign innocence when a specific terrorist attack occurs.