Monday, September 26, 2022

Human Trafficking aficionado Florida Governor Ron DeSlavery

Kidnapper Gov Ron DeSlavery
The worst thing you can do in America is accurately describe the actions and motivations of Republicans.  It's the Corporate Media's job to uncritically repeat all the Republicans fact-free claims and false assertions while throwing their hands up and saying there is no way to know if Republicans are telling the truth or not.

Ron DeSantis is a human trafficking kidnapper.  I certainly hope the investigation and possible class action lawsuit uncovers and makes Ron DeSlavery subject to consequences for his actions but, Republicans have realized that by constantly committing crimes and rushing headlong into scandal after scandal they can overwhelm the justice system and the media into letting them get away with it.  Additionally, rightwing media will never punish a Republican for being a bigot or criminal.  Indeed the entire rightwing media apparatus came into existence to succor, obfuscate, and defend Republican perfidy.

DeSantis, of course, barely won his Governorship even though he employed overt racism and has since run rampant through the state like a cliched meth-addled Florida Man.  Killing the elderly, attacking education, empowering bigots, demonizing LGBTQ person, and using Veterans as cudgels to disenfranchise teachers.

This is all designed to endear DeSantis to rightwingers across the USA who yearn to put this slightly smarter Trump into Office so he can do to the Nation what he's done to Florida.  So, it should come as no surprise Ron DeSlavery would fund a scheme to dupe Asylum seekers and migrants to round-up and fly them to Martha's Vineyard and film the whole thing thinking he was going to epically #OwntheLibs. 

DeSantis is a vile excuse for a human and the quintessential Republican Governor; portly, pudgy, pouty, pretentious, petulant, putrid, a perfect poltroon.

Listen to this disjointed and falsehood filled press conference gave trumpeting his kidnapping scheme.  There's so much criminality and inhumanity with this story and the flop sweat, backpedaling, lying, attempts at distraction, and varying rationales for the kidnapping going on that multiple Republicans from Ted Cruz to Marco Rubio (beneficiaries of asylum themselves but, willing to pull the ladder up so others can't benefit) are flooding Faux News and elsewhere in the rightwing hermetically sealed bubble with shit so white conservative bigots can continue to think this wasn't illegal and inhumane.

But, while every reason Republicans proffer is a lie or fabrication what is true is conservatives throughout social media and the Nation acted as thought this totally Owned those Libs!  Hard!  The truth doesn't matter to rightwing drones at all.  Conservative talking heads and on-line propagandists have created a hermetically sealed bubble in which conservatives can hear all the lies they want and it totally confirms their beliefs.  Facts on the ground don't matter. 

These type of illegal actions by elected Republicans, and associated low-level terrorism by rightwing Paramilitary groups are going to increase from now on because conservatives are fully-fascist now but, lack the courage to engage in open warfare with the government because they hope to win enough statehouses in 2022 so they can subvert the federal government in 2024 and then use the Executive, Legislature and Judiciary to make their Fascist Fundamentalist Nation a legal reality.


If these stunts are so awesome I wonder why we aren't hearing from the people who are transporting the kidnapped migrants to liberal cities?  Certainly, it's important to locate the paid Firm who conducted DeSantis Martha's Vineyard scheme.  But, why aren't we hearing from the pilots?  Why aren't they being given James O'Keefe style interviews of Faux News?  Why aren't we reading their 1000 word sub stack missives, I flew that plane and I loved it.  Maybe, because the Just Following Orders defense is all they've got right now. 


Last September DeSlavery enacted several immigration executive orders, including one which,

banned Florida agencies from providing assistance in transporting to the state migrants apprehended at the southwest border, who don't have legal status in the country.

So, it's clear DeSantis is using federal and state tax payer dollars to effect this kidnapping scheme.  This is of course in line with privatization efforts in which Republicans steal money from the American people and funnel it to their friends and allies just like Brett Favre and former Mississippi Governor Phil Bryant.

It's going to come out that like all Republicans DeSantis is using the power of government to pilfer public money but, by the time anyone investigates or releases this report DeSantis expects to be in the White House.  The Intercept discovered the airline Vetrol received the public money from DeSantis after they had contributed mightily to his campaign, a clear kick-back scheme Republicans always use. 

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