Tuesday, September 13, 2022

The Revenge of the Thin Blue Line 27: BLM? Ha! The Police also kill lotsa Whites too!

Don't worry Cottonmouth, after Trump goes to jail You and Your Ilk is next...

White America, especially the rabid reactionary trolls who infest comment sections, will never, ever, ever question the seizure of a black man in America.  In rightwing America, every black person is a priori guilty of something and hence every contact with Police is an opportunity to determine if that black person should be arrested or killed.

Of course, one of the major problems of the internet age has been the replacement of shoe-leather reporting for on-line browsing.  Rightwing liars fervently believe their own bullshit that by opening a Faux News link or listening to some rightwing radio provocateurs rant, that they know what happened.  This is how we ended up with the 'I did my own Covid Research' which led to more than a million deaths.

But, even more hypocritical is that conservatives who proclaim you can never trust the government indubitably always believe Police briefings and reports which wholly exonerate the Officer, every time.

One of the things which was supposed to address the inappropriate escalation of force by Police Officers and curb violence and extrajudicial killings of minorities was the adoption of Body Cameras.  But, much like squad car mounted cameras years ago all the Body Cameras are doing is showing Police Officers violence and unlawful uses of force and unequal application of law.

But, again white righting America doesn't care.  When President Obama correctly stated the Cambridge Police acted stupidly for arresting Professor Henry Louis "Skip" Gates outside his own home in Harvard, rightwing media pounced and white America howled, beat their breasts, and rent their hair.  President Obama tried to minimize the white fury by calling it a "teachable moment" but, Faux News knew they had a winner because racist conservatives love lies and hate when their bigotry is pointed out.

So, there are no teachable moments when Police interact with persons of color.  As the Childersburg Alabama Police demonstrated by arresting black Pastor Michael Jennings for the crime of... well for the crime of being an unforgivable black person, calling his infraction, "obstructing government operations.

Disingenuous racist assholes invariably descend upon comment sections rabidly stating, don't resist, just comply, or don't run as they always blame the person of color for their mistreatment by Police and of course, this is asserted in bad faith by white men who give shit to Cops all the time (e.g. when they are drunk driving, beating up their wives, acting like drunk ripe assholes at bars or beaten Capitol Police Officer while trying to overthrow the US Government) it's just whites feel absolute impunity to act like jag-offs because Police should be rousting minorities somewhere and not hassling white dudes for just smacking their mouthy girlfriends around.

So... the pattern continues...

Jayland Walker in Akron, Ohio

Rob Adams in San Bernardino, California.

Nykon Brandon in Salt Lake City, Utah.  Watching the overweight Nykon Brandon "running" around in large white boxers the first question which comes to mind is; why are you running up to him and grabbing at him?  Follow him, see what he does, walk up to him, see how he reacts.  Instead of charging him and going hands on for crime of him "stealing" a beer from a Brewery.  It's also no doubt Brandon was trying to get beer to self-medicate and even the 911 caller could tell this was a mental health crisis and requested they send someone specifically to handle it as such.  But, instead the Officer induced escalation immediately led to a wrestling match, wherein additional Officers piled on Brandon holding him face down, controlling his head, and restricting his breathing, leading directly to his death.

On Ausgust 30th, in Columbus, Ohio Police executed a 0230 hour arrest warrant which ended in the death of the black man, Donovan Lewis in his bed.  Lewis was wanted for domestic violence and some sort of Ohio UUW, and being black white conservatives absolutely unequivocally support his summary execution because of the subjective fear the Officer experienced upon breaching the door and locating Lewis.  Listen to Alonzo Bodden dismantle this white woman's claim the shooting was reasonable because of the reasonable fear the Officer had being reasonable and reasonably being wrong about his reasonableness. 

Conservative America absolutely supports every extrajudicial killing of a person of color.  George Floyd's death din't change this.  Previous deaths of black men didn't change this.

Here in Illinois alleged Pig Fvcker Darren Bailey is using racist fear mongering about the Safe-T Act to attack Governor J.B. Pritizker because Bailey and his racist rightwing devotee Dan Proft know white America can be roused to support fascism by scare tactics about crime 

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