Thursday, September 29, 2022

The Fascists Next Door 4: Idaho, Ohio, Arizona, Pennsylvania! Everywhere! All at Once!

Idaho has always been a wild ungovernable tribal region, safely ignored for many years.  Well... now that Republicans have outlawed all Abortions, they also demand that no one talk about it.  Also birth control is now effectively illegal in Idaho.

In Ohio we have the specter of children having children.  This is of course not a problem because Republicans believe women have no rights and no purpose other than for having children.  

On September 24th, Republicans in Arizona made it illegal for 3rd party persons to record Police from up close.  If the video does not exist, you must acquits... (oh also Republicans revived a Civil War Era Anti-Abortion and determined that LGBTQ persons aren't due equal rights or protections under law)...

In Pennsylvania, GQP Governor candidate Doug Mastriano believes women who have abortions should be tried for murder.

Republicans have passed the Fascist Event Horizon and a rapidly approaching the Naked Singularity of Outright Nazism.  The GQP is never coming back.  Whatever Republicans were or claimed to be in the past is dead.  Now, the Zombie Corpse of the GQP stalks the Nation killing each state that they can and turning them into Reactionary Undead Ghouls preying upon the remaining body of the Untied States.

Republicans Hate America.  Their goals ideology, beliefs, and actions are all inimical to the United States.  I can see no way forward to live with these ghastly monsters.  Everything they propose; from white-washing history, imposing jingoistic education, shackling women into perpetual baby making slavery, murdering LGBTQ persons, reducing minorities to second-class citizen status, declaring the United States a christian country speaks to the deep, deep, deep hatred conservatives have for the concept of America and the America Dream.  The GQP wishes to turn this land into a Reactionary Nightmare; a fundamentalist Slave state.

Don't expect the Corporate Media to save Us.  They proved in 2016 that Fascism is fine as long as their chateau briand and bank accounts stay fat.  Don't expect institutions or long-standing norms and rules to save Us.  Don't expect law enforcement or bureaucracy to save Us.  The Fascists of the early 20th century showed how to undermine those institutions, democracy, governments, and 18th century liberal ideology.  

We, the People have to save Ourselves and the Nation, if we can...

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