Saturday, September 17, 2022

Human Trafficking in Texas and Florida. Have you seen this Republican Ettin? (Updated)

The Republican Ettin*
Ron DeSantis and Greg Abbott are the highest profile kidnappers and human traffickers in America.  For weeks, I've been bombarded by YouTube's rightwing algorithm pestering me to choose where to send Biden's Migrant Buses next.  No matter how many times I click the don't show me this inappropriate ad again it comes back.

Greg Abattoir has been rounding-up human beings by gunpoint and sending them to various states in order to #OwntheLibs, this is a widely popular move amongst conservatives who love when people are mistreated and sent off to unknown places.  I mentioned back then that besides the horrific inhumanity of the actions it's also training for when Republicans decide to round-up other "illegals" and send them to concentration camps.  I have no doubt that conservatives would support the mass murder of millions of people in the name of Law&Order.

As I've mentioned before allowing Republicans to stake out claims to being the party of Christianity or Law&Order or "Pro-Life was a mistake and it's one of the biggest lies the Corporate Media continues to help Reactionary Republicans propagate.  Greg Abbott's lawless pro-gun, anti-infrastructure policies kills thousands of Texans every year.  Meanwhile, Ron DeathSentence killed at least 100,000 people in Florida by incessantly lying about Covid and Vaccines.  Since then he's engaged in #OwntheLibs executive actions and legislation which is inhumane and unchristian. 

And that's the point;  Republicans are not Christian in any way.  Neither are they for the Rule of Law.  Nor are the Pro-Life.  Republicans are vile, cruel, vindictive terrorists who have nothing to offer the American people but, bile and rancor.  The fascist conservatives on Twitter and their non-stop shit posting demonstrated how evil rightwingers have become and how much they yearn to kill Americans.

So, DeSantis lawless gotcha libs moment by abducting 50 human beings from Texas, through Florida, to Martha's Vineyard is more than just some stunt.  DeathSentence used taxpayer money, and I'm not certain any type of proper and legal investigation determined the immigration status of the people lured to the flight with lies but, the generous reaction of the people of Massachusetts really demonstrated how little regard Republicans have for actual human life.  Besides all the breast beating about abortion, the treatment of refugees and the constant repetition about "illegal" immigrants highlights the brutal inhumanity which lives deep in the dark psyche and twisted souls of Republicans.

Of course, the people who have been dealing with these political stunts have been treating the frightened, mistreated refugees in accordance with Jesus' teachings.  For whatever that's worth... Because it doesn't matter one whit to conservatives.  Conservative Jesus is a murdering bigot who tortures his enemies and teaches Americans hatred.

And as Republicans ratchet up their "political stunts" it's clear conservatives decided to totally scrap the Constitution and make up laws that suit the moment and justify their headlong rush into full-blown Fascism.  The Constitution of has No Authority any longer as - The Right's goal is to Rule America or Ruin it.  


Josh Marshall and the writers over at Talking Points Memo have uncovered and written about the nefarious lies used to entice the migrants and Reagan-esque bypassing of official government employees by using someone named "Perla" to get these people on board the flight.  DeSantis and The on-line FASH obviously thought this would be a giant cluster of affluent liberals calling the Police and demanding the "illegals" be removed.  Even now rightwing liars on Twitter claim the libs of Massachusetts forcibly deported these people whom DeSantis abducted.  The headlong flight into 100% propaganda and non-stop lies is complete, conservatives have no connection to reality.  Of course, in reality, that doesn't matter since the subjective rightwing universe is all that matters to them.

*- Though Republican ettins have a low intelligence, they are cunning fighters. They prefer to ambush their victims.  Republican ettin administrations are a haven for parasites and vermin, and it isn't unusual for the Republicans ettins themselves to be infected with various parasitic diseases. 

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