Saturday, September 10, 2022

The Fascists Next Door 3: Oathcrappers? Loafmakers? Oathbreakers? Oathcreepers?

Certainly, not Oathkeepers.

In the Fascist word play amongst the American Right, if conservatives say they are Real America or call themselves patriots they ipso facto are, the same way that smug flabby elitist Ted Cruz spits on Starbucks baristas while he labels the GQP the party of the working class.  Corporate media allows rightwing declarations to count more than rightwing actions. 

A mistake "The Left" made in response to the Reactionary pushback to the Civil Rights was to allow Fascists to stake claim to piety, patriotism, and service to the Nation.

I understand why these things happened.  Ronnie Raygun waved the flag whilst Lee Greenwood belched proud to be 'Murican and the impious Evangelicals co-opted Christianity.  

"We" never should have ceded these things to the Fascist Republican Party.  Conservatives, don't actually exhibit any of these characteristics.  In fact, conservatives are impious, jingoistic, chickenhawks who routinely shit on Veterans, piss on those serving the Nation, and seek to overthrow the Rule of Law to install a Neo-Confederate slave state.

Hence, the Oafkeepers.  A Rightwing Paramilitary Domestic Terrorist organization that, like all fascists, cloak themselves in an undeserved and an unearned mantle of patriotism, duty, and loyalty.

Like, all terrorist organizations they unrighteously declared others Oathbreakers even as they committed crimes.  Even as multiple members stormed the Capitol on Jan6th, and others waited outside DC to assassinate Democratic Representatives.

Well, like all fascist terrorist groups convinced of their righteousness, they've decided to subvert the democratic process by infiltrating various governmental bodies and poisoning them from within; Excerpts from the state-by-state interactive map: 

The non-profit journalist collective Distributed Denial of Secrets (DDoSecrets) published – among other data – more than 38,000 names on the Oath Keepers’ membership list. The membership data provides unique insight into the people who signed up and paid dues to the organization over the years and helps illuminate the extent to which the group’s anti-government ideology has permeated mainstream society.

A review of these membership lists revealed that while there are many members of law enforcement, military, and first responders in the membership rolls, there are also elected officials, government employees, teachers, religious figures, and businessmen, among others. 

As of August 8, 2022, COE has identified 373 individuals in the Oath Keepers database who we believe are currently serving in law enforcement agencies across the country. 

Fascists are getting very comfortable openly espousing their rhetoric. Openly displaying the badges of their paramilitary terrorist groups. Get knowledgeable about them. Get ready to track and identify them instantly on sight because they are ready for that order from Republicans to round-up and eliminate the Non-MAGA.
That being said, this remains a moment for peak vigilance. Beyond the hordes of right-wing keyboard warriors, there remain white nationalists waiting to prove themselves in the streets.

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