Thursday, September 8, 2022

The Many Coups of January 6th and the New Coups for 22 (Fascist Republicans are destroying America)

Look at his head noddin'
Newt The Violator Gingrich
Faced with a clear electoral and popular vote defeat, multiple long time Republicans decided to jettison the 2020 election results and any semblance of Constitutional Democracy for pure Authoritarian control of the US Government. 

Newt Gingrich famously took out a Contract on America in 1994.  Gingrich has been a stain on the United States political scene for 40 years.  Of course, he was going to try and do something about Trump's defeat.  But, as Paul Krugman said, “Newt Gingrich is what stupid people think a smart person talks like.” He's a well documented bigot and a traitor. 

Justice Ginni and Clarence Thomas the Ettin of the Supreme Court have worked since 1991 to destroy the United States.  The Thomas Ettin will undo almost all basic rights of privacy and the right (established by the 1st Amendment) to associate with whomever we, the people wish.  Ginni spent the post 2020 election contacting people in multiple states trying to get them to overturn the election.
The Ettin of the Supreme Court
Justice Ginni Clarence

Of course, the rightwing slow-moving Coup against the United States Government goes back decades.  And Reactionary's have been waiting for the right strongman to come along to undemocratically insert into the White House to drown the US Government in a bathtub and create the Neo-Confederate White Supremacist Slave State they've dreamed about since 1865.

It's insulting that the revelations about Ginni Thomas and Newt Gingrich's attempt to use their long-standing ties to the Republican establishment to coerce, entice, or bully State and local officials toignore the votes of the American people and just ensconce Donald Traitor Trump into the White House has caused such a small ripple in the Corporate Media world.

And this is what made Major Traitor Greene so angry on January 6th; Republicans had a bureaucratic plan in place to swipe the Presidency on 01/06/21 by legerdemain and rightwing domestic terrorists wrecked it by going off half-cocked.  Russian Ron Johnson was going to hand the fake electors to Pence and Mike Pence, who yearned to have someone tell him it was alright to unendorsed President Joe Biden's win, was going to fold and declare the 2020 Presidential Election undone.

Everyone, and I mean EVERYONE, knows the Republicans are not going to abide by the popular vote at all in 2024.  Their actions in the wake of Trump's resounding defeat in 2020 show this;  take for instance the Unconstitutional Sheriff of Barry County, Michigan Dar Leaf who unable to find the evidence of Voter Fraud decided to engage in a conspiracy to create the evidence.  Or the local head Republican of Coffee County Georgia, who escorted unauthorized rightwing provocateurs into sensitive areas to let them copy confidential information and breach voting machines and systems.  These are just some of the efforts conservatives undertook after losing the Election.  Worse is to come...

The R-Money Reactionary Billionaire Leonard Leo apparently has the plan to stack the courts with conservatives judges who will adhere to the Independent State Legislature doctrine, so Republican controlled states can simply award their state's electoral votes to Donald Trump.

That the Republicans have fully embraced Fascism is unsurprising; there have been several inflection points since they caved to the Left and jettisoned Richard Nixon.  They last 50 years have been an exercise in the first slowly, then all at once principle.  That the Republicans are destroying America for Donald Fvcking Trump is just the pièce de résistance.

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One Fly said...

It's true and it sucks to know and understand what's coming down the tube. These fucks ARE going to do this shit and more. Who knows all that they have planned for Nov.

Generally I am not very hopeful about these things but IF something big went our way in Nov there would be a chance some of this planned insurrection could be gotten a bit under control.

In these days it's important not to get ones hope up too much then the disappointment is not as great.