Monday, September 19, 2022

WWG1WGA (The Semi-Fascist Salute)

I've got a One Finger Salute for every Trumpublican Fascist

It's finally here.  The Official Nazification of the Republican Party was accomplished this weekend at the J.P. Vancedel Trump Rally.

Start getting your head wrapped around this truth.  

For years the Corporate Media has lulled you into a false sense of security;  your abortion rights are safe, whomever wins the Presidency you'll be fine, tsk-tsking President Biden for saying semi-fascist and being divisive . 

And why should she worry?
Kathleen has been fine
Meanwhile, Republicans have self-radicalized into an Authoritarian Party of bigotry, hatred, and intolerance, who no longer accepts election defeats.

Anyone claiming this and all his rallies are not Fascist, strains credulity beyond belief or is a bad faith actor who is pleased with the direction the Republicans have chosen.

For 40 years, conservatives have broadcast their hatred and burning desire to round-up and murder "Squishes" .  For over half a century they've theorized that government is actually only valid when Republicans win and Republicans only lose when Democrats cheat.  For the past 20 years, Republicans have swirled down the Authoritarian accretion disc towards full-blown Fascism; slowly at first, then suddenly.  And now it's here.

A Storm requires Storm Troopers 
Trump is in actual legal jeopardy over the classified intelligence he stole (and most likely sold) when he ignominiously and reluctantly vacated the White House.  

So... his Mobster threats and overt embrace of the wannabe Storm Troopers is rapidly ratcheting up.

As an aside, one of the more fanciful theories is the classified documents contain proof of the Q magnum opus or the mythical Hunter Biden laptop contents or HRC "but her emails" and this was the only way God-King Trump could get them officially and forever into the Courts via the FBI Raid and court appointed Special Master. 

They've yearned to throw the salute
Rightwingers have been waiting for an Authoritarian to step in and provide them with the Dictator they've yearned for. 

Post Nixon Republicans pivoted to slow and steady subversion of the Federal Government to undo the New Deal and Civil Rights of FDR &LBJ, buttressed by dog whistles to the more violent Reactionary base.  The slow moving Coup.  This is the John Roberts and Mitch McConnell approach. The GOP was happy dangling Total Abortion Bans, draconian drug penalties, and foreign wars chock full of war crimes while slowly subverting the Nation through legerdemain and lifetime hacks on the Courts.

But, in the background for decades conservatives grew up surrounded by the sealed Limbaugh propaganda bubble, now multiple generations have known naught but the rightwing lies and agitprop relentlessly fed to them.  Enter Trump who told them what they've always "known" and did so in the crude vulgar fashion they desire.

And thus its here; The actual Storm.  The 2022 elections are already being undermined by bureaucratic violence from elected Republicans but, conservatives are going to be out and about looking to intimidate election judges, voters, and declaring any election result they don't like to be Fraud.

Then with enough Reactionary Trumpists in office the GQP will combine their paramilitary domestic terrorist groups, standing by, with the awesome power of government. 

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