Saturday, March 12, 2011

Republicans Piss on the Middle Class and the American Worker

"I'll put you in the hospital old man!" - Tough Guy
"Well I've got MediCare, go ahead and shoot your best shot!" - Clint Eastwood, Space Cowboys
Republican Governors are pissing down the back of every American and telling them it's fiscal rain. Scott Walker isn't an aberration he is executing the orders of his Koch Industry Masters. The Republican Party is wholly owned by the Rich Plutocrats in this country and they want a return to Feudalism.

Trickle Down Economics is a Reign of Wage Slavery. And Republicans Rick Scott, Rick Snyder, Halley Barbour, Chris Christie, John Kasich, Scott Walker, Mitch Daniels are nothing more than Hit Men, hired to do a job on the American Middle Class. And their actions clearly indicate they don't care about being elected because they know after they devastate the Middle Class, at the behest of their Plutocratic Masters, they will be rewarded with generous speaking fees and lavish praise from Faux News and the Right Wing money laundering "think tanks".

So, since Republicans know their financial future is secure why not reduce the American People to penury for their Plutocratic Overlords?

But, of course the Republican menace isn't merely limited to these governors but encompasses every single Republican. They are enamored with undoing the American Middle Class.

Missouri State Senator Jane Cunningham is sponsoring a repeal of restrictions on child labor SB222 which would "eliminates the prohibition on employment of children under age fourteen."

Mike Lee the new Tea Party Republican Senator from Utah went further and declared restrictions on child labor are unconstitutional. Here (via Think Progress) you watch and listen to his ridiculous Tenther Diatribe about how the Constitution actually forces businesses to employ children.

Paul Ryan's entire budget plan is about ensuring the Plutocrats get ahold on Medicare/Medicade Social Security funds which they can then steal outright for Wall Street to transfer to their accounts in Switzerland or the Caymans. Jeff Sessions declared, "Ryan has done a fabulous thing!"

So the question is why? Why are the Republicans eliminating Unions, why are they pushing to have minors go to work? Why do they want to eliminate the EPA and OSHA?

Well, simply the elimination of these laws won't affect them and theirs. Just like when Republicans champion going to war, Republicans won't be making the sacrifices. They won't be forced to choose between heat or food, medicine or electricity.

Republicans are chosen for office for one simple reason; they deliver for their Rich benefactors. And 2011 has seen them deliver what the Plutocracy wants, Death to the American Dream.

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Kathleen said...

When are you going to wake up to the fact that concerned Americans are fed up with Obama and you democrats!