Tuesday, December 18, 2012

NRA Terrorists and Gun Nuts in America want Anarchy

Once Rockets go Up
Who cares where they come Down
That's not my Department
Says Werner Von Braun

Gun Nuts like to claim that new laws or even current laws can stop Gun Violence. That's true but that's true of every law. No Law, in and of itself, has ever stopped a crime.
**Update: Connecticut lawmakers, in March 2011, tried to ban the magazines used by the Newton Murderer. I wonder if that Law which the NRA, Firearm Makers and Gun Nuts fought visciously against may have helped some of the murdered children survive.**
Enforcement and societal controls are what are needed. We have neither. The Second Amendment is being used by Gun Right's Fanatics to Destroy the Country. ALEC and NRA Terrorists represent the interest of Gun Manufactures over Americans. Profits over People. It's the Right-Wing response to everything.

What is obvious is the massive influx of guns into American society is the driving the gun violence.

As a result, here are Homicides by Firearms in so-called First World Nations:
  • USA 9168
  • Canada 173
  • Germany 168
Gun Violence is being fueled by a confluence of events, Gun Makers pursue profits over people by flooding the Nation with firearms, we've allowed bought politicians to slash the Social Safety Net, and current laws are ignored and curtailed.

Gun Makers have flooded the Nation with firearms. We have over 250,000,000 guns in the country.

Additionally, the Right has been advancing arguments undercutting the authority and legitimacy of the Federal Government for the past 30 years, "Government is not the solution to our problems. Government is the problem."

As California Governor, Reagan closed down the State's Mental Hospitals. California's homeless population exploded as a result. As President, within a month of Reagan's inauguration, the Office of Management Budget announced it would curtail the budget of the National Institute of Mental Health (NIMH). Inside of 2 years Reagan had gutted the Mental Health Systems Act of 1980 and instead, the Omnibus Budget Reconciliation Act (1982) would merge money for mental health programs into block grants, with fewer dollars going to the states.

Chicago Mayor Rahm Emmanuel at the bidding of his Plutocratic Masters shut down 6 of 13 Mental Hospitals in the city, to save $3 Million dollars, that the evil Rich belive are being stolen from them by greedy poor people.

While there is a tiny lunatic fringe who yearn for Anarchya Glenn Beck-inspired Overton Window, who want the Government to fail because it will allow them to fulfill their murder fantasies against the Moochers, Liberals and Government "Tyranny".

It's the legally purchased guns which owners don't safeguard that are fueling the danger. One of the top 3 items stolen in every Residential Burglary are guns.
After Chicago Police officers confiscated 125 guns in a series of citywide stings in late August, the department went to work investigating the path each weapon took from store to street. 
Authorities were able to trace 54 of those guns to their original point of sale. Thirty percent were from Indiana, 26 percent from Illinois and 6 percent from Kentucky, the analysis found. 
The police analysis found at least four of the 125 recovered guns were stolen from gun stores. 
One gun was snatched from Maxon Shooters Supplies and Indoor Range in northwest suburban Des Plaines, where at least 140 guns were stolen in January.
The guns used by Adam Lanza in his murderous spree were evidently legally purchased by his mother and first victim, Nancy Lanza. A quiet divorced woman who apparently in the last 3 years let the Faux News fueled Fear Factory of American Collapse drive her towards survivalist thinking.

Most gun owners want responsible ownership, yet they don't know that Background checks are not universal. Most don't know that the NRA fought against the Federal Government attempts to stop gun sales to those on the FBI's terrorist watch list.

Most don't know that in 2011 Republicans in Illinois, in direct opposition to the health and safety of their constituents, voted to put guns in the hands of Terrorists:
Republicans on the House Judiciary panel shot down a proposal Thursday to prevent weapon sales to suspected terrorists.  
In a party-line vote of 21-11, the committee Republicans killed an amendment from Rep. Mike Quigley (D-Ill.) that would have blocked firearm purchases by those on the FBI's terrorist watch list.
The Gun Rights of Terrorists and Criminals are more important to Gun Nuts, Republicans (Michele Bachmann fits both categories), ALEC and NRA Terrorists than the safety and lives of American children.

But, the Constitution is NOT a Suicide Pact. The Second Amendment itself calls for 'Regulation'. Use that term in every Gun Control Law.

There is no reason for an American to have an Assault Weapon with 100 round drum magazines or 32 round extended clip Glock magazines unless they truly believe they are going to use them to kill National Guardsmen, ATF Agents and UN Blue-Helmeted soliders trying to take away their Country from them.

Regulate every weapon. Regulate every firearm owner. Regulate every Gun Maker. Make Firearm Owners and Manufacturers liable for them. Make people prove they have control of their weapons every year. If a weapon is used in the commission of a crime make the purchaser and seller potentially liable. Sig Sauer CEO Ron Cohen should be sued by every family in Newton, CT. Chain guns to their lovers.

They have the money and the ruthless desire to enforce their Killing Machines into every corner of American Society. What do we have? What are we as a people willing to do to stop them?


One Fly said...

I appreciate your passion a great deal GG!

Patricia said...

Here's what pisses me off the most. that the NRA and basically "guns gone wild" in our culture is more important than our children's peace of mind. That "lockdown" at schools is commonplace, that we should EXPECT violence. We should have a more humane healthcare system that includes mental illness, but we can't have that. We need guns and more guns. There's always money for guns and gun worship. Our children are just collateral damage, so we can keep the second amendment alive, with no amendments, whatsoever. Because we aren't capable of change. The NRA is in charge. Guns are more important than anyone's safety, as long as we have guns, that supposedly keep us safe, no one is safe, least of all our children.

Grung_e_Gene said...

One Fly and Patricia,

Our culture is as blood thirsty as the Aztecs and Roman Empire. We sacrifice men for sport and our children to our Ba'al, the Mighty and Terrible AR-15.

We've allowed a tiny cadre of Gun Fanatics and Rich Plutocrats to tell us what our mores and values are.

The ruthless pursuit of profit and the destruction of society via the barrel of gun and the legerdermain of dollars.

We throw people out of their homes and off of insurance.

Silverfiddle said...

Disarm the criminal gangs that commit 80% of the murders in this country, and then we can talk.

Silverfiddle said...

So what's your solution, Gene, besides foaming at the mouth?

Grung_e_Gene said...

Once again. Criminal gangs are not buying their firearms "legally" they are getting them from irresponsible gun nuts who can't keep positive hold on their weapons. The issue is the flooded market which makes acquistion easy.

How about this?

A man shot and killed three people in a home in Colorado on Tuesday before turning the handgun on himself and committing suicide, authorities said.

Hooray Freedom! Oh and note it doesn't easily fit in your sideways bigotry of only blaming the "criminal gangs".

Now, ignoring your petulance, Regulate Regulate Regulate. There should be a database at local, state and federal levels of all firearms. Every Firearm owner must register yearly and prove they have control of their weapons.

Make firearm manufacturers potentially liable for gun violence.

If we can't police gun owners sue the gun makers until they control the flow of their product. No company should be immune to lawsuits stemming from the use of their product.

Then after Sig Sauer and Glock are repeatedly sued they may stem the flow of Millions of weapons into the country.

Silverfiddle said...

Yess.. Vee muss kontrol zee citizens, ya?

I did not say all murders, I said 80%.

And what about the 40% of murders committed by other than firearms?

What about over 80% of violent crimes that are committed without the aid of a firearm?

As a peace offering, I leave you this. I was surprised at how much I agreed with ReichFuhrer Bloomberg, other than his dimwit belief that a firearm's danger is judged by how scary it looks.

I am all for every gun purchaser, from a store, a private individual or a gun show, going through the standard background check.

Notice how much Bloomberg focuses on illegal activity. Go shine your light there and leave law-abiding gun owners alone, statist pig.

Silverfiddle said...

Only 10% of murders are committed by people without a previous criminal record.

"Though only 15% of Americans over the age of 15 have arrest records, approximately 90 percent of “adult murderers have adult records, with an average adult criminal career [involving crimes committed as an adult rather than a child] of six
or more years, including four major adult felony arrests.”

Also, there is no correlation between guns per capita and the murder rate.

I recommend this scholarly study to you:


Silverfiddle said...

Make firearm manufacturers potentially liable for gun violence.

If we can't police gun owners sue the gun makers until they control the flow of their product. No company should be immune to lawsuits stemming from the use of their product.

There we go! Just the 'solution' we've com to expect from progressives. Remove responsibility from where it belongs and place it somewhere else.

Do you know why corporate raiders can collapse a company, including its pension fund?

Because it's legal, and the federal government takes over the pensions. Stupid. Stupid. Stupid.

That is what our government does.

You make the criminals pay, whether corporate raiders, shooters, or illegal gun traffickers.

Your statement above is ignorant. The same could be said of automobile manufacturers, alcohol vendors, marijuana distributors, and ...

Government! When will we make the federal government pay for all the financial and societal destruction it has wrought?

mikeb302000 said...

Silverfiddle's 80% is a made up number. It's not that high. What he and the other gun-rights fanatics can't stand is how many unfit and dangerous gun owners there are among them.

Grung_e_Gene said...


Of course his number is made up! As a rabid Gun Nut you can see the misdirection.

"What about the 40% of murders committed by other than firearms???"Look over there!!! Sure, would be nice to do something about the number one weapon of choice.

"Leave law abiding gun owners alone, statist pig." That would mean Nancy Lanza. She must be left alone along with the follow on results.

Read the venom, the vehemence, the vitriol he saves for his last comment.

Gun Manufacturers are above the law. They flood the Nation with their product, which has only one function, and he simply claims there's no correlation between guns per capita and murder rate.

But, he's no Anarcho-Capitalist. From reading his blog and the comments, I'm sure the Heroes over they can't wait for the collapse of society so they can Stand their Ground and go all Atlas Shrugged on a Moocher or Liberal ala "When will we make the federal government pay..."

Anonymous said...

:::sits down in the choir:::: Yeah, Gene, America's cocktail of guns and religion, and faked statistics making citizens so fearful they think they all need murderous automatic weapons....while we sacrifice on Mammon's altars; a man was shot in a barber shop for talking about the Connecticut shootings today.

Guess they better go inscribe the 11th commandment on those illegal plaques: "Thou shalt not have thy gun taken away."

Silverfiddle said...

OK geniuses, find me another scholarly work that proves this is a lie:


Got statistics? Of course not.

That boy's mother should never have let her son have access to her firearms. She should have had them locked up in a safe. No one advocates giving weapons to the mentally ill, but this is where slobbering liberal anti-gun screamers always and inevitably take the conversation.

Now, provide some proof on the 80% figure.

Silverfiddle said...

Read and learn:




Kurt Silverfiddle, doing the research loudmouth lefty ranters are too lazy to do themselves.

Grung_e_Gene said...

I read your Harvard pdf. One of the key points in that study was that Luxembourg had a Homicide rate 9 Times that of Germany despite Total Gun Bans.

Of course drilling into the number we find that Luxembourg has 70,000 civilian guns countrywide and 3 homicides (of the 7 reported). As opposed to the 10,000 murders in the USA using one of the 270,000,000 million plus firearms.



On Venezula, Mexico and the Phillippines are on par with our number of Gun Murders.

Read and Learn some real facts instead of reading bs studies which have the conclusion you want and work backwards to fudge the numbers to conform to it.

Silverfiddle said...

What it shows, Gene, if you were smart enough, is that there is no correlation between firearm ownership and murder rates, and they use many other examples beside Luxembourg. It also shows that there are countries with strict gun bans that have higher murder rates than the US.

The Harvard study is BS? Prove it.

So, have you refuted the 80% statistic yet? Didn't think so, because you can't.

Here's another one for you, from the BBC:


Britain banned firearms in 1997 after the Dunblane tragedy the year before.

Guess what happened?

Crimes involving firearms went up.

Don't take my word for it, go to the BBC website.

Grung_e_Gene said...

The Harvard study you linked has data from as long ago as 1989 and most of the sources cited were in the mid-1990's. Pre-Columbine.

Now, here's the question for you? If, IF your 80% of murders statistic is correct you are admitting that between 2000-3000 homicides per year are comitted by Americans without criminal records. And this is not only acceptable to you but you will fight to make sure we can't do anything about it because of your 2nd Amendment "rights".

That would place us higher than all but 6 other nations...

I never thought of you as evil, Silverfiddle, but that is stone cold evil and is very frightening.

Silverfiddle said...

Frightening? the go cower behind big mommy governments skirts, you statist fool.

Britain banned guns and there are now more armed robberies than before the ban. Australia, same thing. Australia's gun murder rate went down, but the overall murder rated did not, meaning murderers found other weapons.

Gun bans don't work, even on an island.

Crazy people do crazy things

I've provided you facts, and you come back with emotionalism, which is the cornerstone of all liberal argumentation.

Grung_e_Gene said...

No. You provided no "facts". Like all conservatives you want to believe your gun fantasies and preconceived ideas about liberals. So, you ignore every link and study which shows unequivocably that more guns equals more gun violence.


But, I'll not follow You and Wayne LaPierre by creating fear run Police State with 250,000 new police officers put in every school and armed teachers and custodians.

You are sick and evil.