Saturday, December 22, 2012

God Bless Our Guns! Each and Every One! - Zardoz LaPierre speaks

Look Daddy! Teacher says every time a Gun is fired a Gun Manufacturer gets it's wings!
That's right, that's right. Attaboy, Sig Sauer CEO Ron Cohen!

Here is an excerpt form Zardoz LaPierre's pronouncement of 12/21/12:

The NRA is headed by CEO Zardoz LaPierre and President David Keene...
Here's some neat facts about those two. LaPierre spent the late 60's and early 70's going to college. As soon as he got his Master's he went to work as a DC Lobbyist. David Keene started work in Washington DC in the late 1960's working for noted Republican criminal Spirio Agnew. 
So, the Leaders of the NRA are Typical Conservatives. They never had a real job. Never worked for a living. Never served a Day in Uniform. Chicken Hawk Cowards who skirted Vietnam to spend 40 years as lobbyists in Washington DC. Just your Average American Conservative.

Anyway LaPierre and Keene's job at the NRA is to push Guns. Contrary to how the NRA presents itself, the true job of LaPierre is not to support the Rights of Gun Owners, but to support the right of Gun Manufacturers to flood American Society with as many weapons of Mass Murder as possible. And with that goal in mind there is no level they will not stoop.

The Deaths of 20 children in Newtown, CT is a prime marketing opportunity for Zardoz LaPierre. The NRA wants your children to be murdered. Zardoz LaPierre wants your children to die shot multiple times at close range. Because children's deaths increase the sales of Guns.

Zardoz LaPierre is a Publicist for the Merchants of Death. He views Adam Lanza as a Second Amendment Hero because of all the Free Press it earns him.

His plan doesn't even deserve to be deconstructed because it is not a serious proposal but a shameless and despicable attempt to enrich his Owners, the Firearm Manufacturers. After a week of 'No Comment', LaPierre's bold strategy was to call on Government to hand over Billions in Tax Payer Dollars to the Gun Makers.

Now, this is of course, Brilliant and par for the course for Right-Wing Terrorists. After years of slashing funding for schools, for mental health, for teachers, the NRA wants Federal Dollars to flow into the coffers of the Merchants of Death.

Zardoz LaPierre wants to inculcate in the children of America absolute fear. And religious devotion to the Gun.

Meanwhile, the NRA's bodycount and unrestricted Gun Violence continues to shatter American Society:
This is what the NRA and Firearm Manufacturers want. These are the Second Amendment Heroes to Glock, Sig Sauer, Bushmaster, Smith & Wesson. They want Unrestricted Gun Violence destroying as many lives as possible because it makes them Money.


Suzan said...

Go Gene!

toma said...

That was a bizarre performance, even for a death-bringer. LaPierre clearly sees himself as a mythic if not religious figure, fighting for the oppressed millions with their few hundred million weapons. If there's another high-body count event (please, no), I figure him to be marking the stigmata on his hands and feet with a bayonet.

Patricia said...

Thanks for the info on LaPierre. I should have known he never did anything ever except take money for murder. As usual, an excellent post Gene. It's a shame that the subject matter is so sad.

Spud said...

And the left is just fueling the fire and encouraging sales with this talk of bans. Every gun shop I've been in has a poster of President Obama up with the caption of "Best salesman of the Year"

Needs be serious talk of the causes of this violence, not just the how it was accomplished.

Overall, I would have say that mankinds nature is not to be a pacifist. Rather his nature is as an aggressor. The meek are vastly out numbered in this cruel world.

Green Eagle said...

"Look Daddy! Teacher says every time a Gun is fired a Gun Manufacturer gets it's wings!"

I think that should read "Look Daddy! Teacher says every time a Gun is fired a Gun Manufacturer gets it's horns and pointy tail."